RNA preprints: W15/2019

Native molecule sequencing by nano-ID reveals synthesis and stability of RNA isoforms. Kerstin C. Maier, Saskia Gressel, Patrick Cramer, Björn Schwalb

Sex-related perturbations in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder brains reflect microRNA-mediated cholinergic/neurokine interactions. Sebastian Lobentanzer, Geula Hanin, Jochen Klein, Hermona Soreq

Splice junction-centric approach to identify translated noncanonical isoforms in the human proteome. Edward Lau, Yu Han, Damon R. Williams, Rajani Shrestha, Joseph C. Wu, Maggie P. Y. Lam

In-Silico Analysis of nsSNPs Associated with CYP11B2 Gene. Anam Arooj, Muhammad Tariq Pervez, Zeeshan Gillani, Tahir Ali Chohan, M. Tayyab Chaudhry, Masroor Ellahi Babar, Asma Tufail Shah

RNA polymerase II plays an active role in the formation of gene loops through the Rpb4 subunit. Paula Allepuz-Fuster, Michael J. O’Brien, Noelia González-Polo, Bianca Pereira, Zuzer Dhoondia, Athar Ansari, Olga Calvo

The receptor-like kinases BAM1 and BAM2 promote the cell-to-cell movement of miRNA in the root stele to regulate xylem patterning. Pengfei Fan, Hua Wang, Hao Xue, Tabata Rosas-Diaz, Weihua Tang, Heng Zhang, Lin Xu, Rosa Lozano-Duran

Fidelity of Prespacer Capture and Processing is Governed by the PAM Mediated Interaction of Cas1-2 Adaptation complex in Escherichia coli. K.N.R. Yoganand, Manasasri Muralidharan, B. Anand

Tissue-specific changes in the RNA structurome mediate salinity response in Arabidopsis. David C. Tack, Zhao Su, Yunqing Yu, Philip C. Bevilacqua, Sarah M. Assmann

Crowder-induced Conformational Ensemble Shift in Escherichia Coli Prolyl-tRNA Synthetase. L. M. Adams, R. J. Andrews, Q. H. Hu, H. L. Schmit, S. Hati, S. Bhattacharyya

Focused screening reveals functional effects of microRNAs differentially expressed in colorectal cancer. Danuta Sastre, João Baiochi, Ildercilio Mota de Souza Lima, Josiane Lilian dos Santos Schiavinato, Dimas Tadeu Covas, Rodrigo Alexandre Panepucci

AGO1x prevents dsRNA-induced interferon signaling to promote breast cancer cell proliferation. Souvik Ghosh, Joao C Guimaraes, Manuela Lanzafame, Alexander Schmidt, Afzal Pasha Syed, Beatrice Dimitriades, Anastasiya Börsch, Shreemoyee Ghosh, Ana Luisa Correia, Johannes Danner, Gunter Meister, Luigi M. Terracciano, Salvatore Piscuoglio, Mihaela Zavolan

Endogenous TDP-43 prevents retrotransposons activation through Dicer-2 activity and the RNA silencing machinery in Drosophila neurons. Giulia Romano, Raffaella Klima, Fabian Feiguin

The Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus IRES captures host ribosomes by mimicking a ribosomal state with hybrid tRNAs. Francisco Acosta-Reyes, Ritam Neupane, Joachim Frank, Israel S. Fernández

CD4 T-cell transcriptome expression reversal of the lncRNA-mRNA co-expression network in elite controller vs. normal-process HIV patients. Chaoyu Chen, Xiangyun Lu, Nanping Wu

tRNA dissociation from EF-Tu after GTP hydrolysis and Pi release: primary steps and antibiotic inhibition. Malte Warias, Helmut Grubmüller, Lars V. Bock

Interplay between gene nucleotide composition bias and splicing. Sébastien Lemaire, Nicolas Fontrodona, Jean-Baptiste Claude, Hélène Polvèche, Fabien Aubé, Laurent Modolo, Cyril F. Bourgeois, Franck Mortreux, Didier Auboeuf

Comparison of different extraction kits to isolate microRNA from Galleria mellonella (wax moth) larvae infected with Metarhizium brunneum (ARSEF4556). Muneefah A. Alenezi, Tariq M. Butt, Daniel C. Eastwood

Extensive post-transcriptional buffering of gene expression in the response to oxidative stress in baker’s yeast. William R. Blevins, Teresa Tavella, Simone G. Moro, Bernat Blasco-Moreno, Adrià Closa-Mosquera, Juana Díez, Lucas B. Carey, M. Mar Albà

Exon-mediated activation of transcription starts. Ana Fiszbein, Keegan S. Krick, Christopher B. Burge

Inhibition of the Dead Box RNA Helicase 3 prevents HIV-1 Tat and cocaine-induced neurotoxicity by targeting microglia activation. Marina Aksenova, Justin Sybrandt, Biyun Cui, Vitali Sikirzhytski, Hao Ji, Diana Odhiambo, Matthew D. Lucius, Jill R. Turner, Eugenia Broude, Edsel Peña, Sofia Lizarraga, Jun Zhu, Ilya Safro, Michael D Wyatt, Michael Shtutman

In silico analysis of coding SNPs and 3′-UTR associated miRNAs in DCAF17 gene that may affect the regulation and pathogenesis of Woodhouse-Sakati Syndrome. Abdelrahman H. Abdelmoneim, Asia M. Elrashied, Alaa I. Mohammed, Sara A. Mirghani, Rania E. Osman, Esraa O. Gadim, Mohamed A. Hassan

Developmentally regulated tcf7l2 splice variants mediate transcriptional repressor functions during eye formation. Rodrigo M. Young, Kenneth B. Ewan, Veronica P. Ferrer, Miguel L. Allende, Trevor C. Dale, Stephen W. Wilson

Comparative transcriptomics analyses across species, organs and developmental stages reveal functionally constrained lncRNAs. Fabrice Darbellay, Anamaria Necsulea

Nuclear RNA export factor variant initiates piRNA-guided co-transcriptional silencing. Kensaku Murano, Yuka W. Iwasaki, Hirotsugu Ishizu, Akane Mashiko, Aoi Shibuya, Shu Kondo, Shungo Adachi, Saori Suzuki, Kuniaki Saito, Tohru Natsume, Mikiko C. Siomi, Haruhiko Siomi

MiR-219 deficiency in Alzheimer’s disease contributes to neurodegeneration and memory dysfunction through post-transcriptional regulation of tau-kinase network. Mercedes Arnes, Yoon A. Kim, Jerome Lannes, Maria E. Alaniz, Joshua D. Cho, Brian D. McCabe, Ismael Santa-Maria

Global analyses of the dynamics of mammalian microRNA metabolism. Elena R. Kingston, David P. Bartel

Posttranscriptional regulation of ribosomal and multiresistance genes by the bacterial leader peptide peTrpL. Hendrik Melior, Siqi Li, Maximilian Stötzel, Konrad U. Förstner, Sandra Maaß, Rubina Schütz, Saina Azarderakhsh, Susanne Barth-Weber, Aleksei Shevkoplias, Kathrin Baumgardt, Zoe Chervontseva, John Ziebuhr, Christian H. Ahrens, Elena Evguenieva-Hackenberg

Altered levels of hsromega lncRNAs further enhance Ras signaling during ectopically activated Ras induced R7 differentiation in Drosophila. Mukulika Ray, Gunjan Singh, Subhash C. Lakhotia

A novel retroviral vector system to analyze expression from mRNA with retained introns using fluorescent proteins and flow cytometry. Patrick E.H. Jackson, Jing Huang, Monika Sharma, Sara K. Rasmussen, Marie-Louise Hammarskjold, David Rekosh

Daedalus and Gasz recruit Armitage to mitochondria, bringing piRNA precursors to the biogenesis machinery. Marzia Munafò, Vera Manelli, Federica A. Falconio, Ashley Sawle, Emma Kneuss, Evelyn L. Eastwood, Jun Wen Eugene Seah, Benjamin Czech, Gregory J. Hannon

Atrx deletion in neurons leads to sexually-dimorphic dysregulation of miR-137 and spatial learning and memory deficits. Renee J. Tamming, Vanessa Dumeaux, Luana Langlois, Jacob Ellegood, Lily R. Qiu, Yan Jiang, Jason P. Lerch, Nathalie G. Bérubé

In situ structure of rotavirus VP1 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Simon Jenni, Eric N. Salgado, Tobias Herrmann, Zongli Li, Timothy Grant, Nikolaus Grigorieff, Stefano Trapani, Leandro F. Estrozi, Stephen C. Harrison

A Pandas complex adapted for piRNA-guided transposon silencing. Kang Zhao, Sha Cheng, Na Miao, Ping Xu, Xiaohua Lu, Ming Wang, Yuhan Zhang, Xun Yuan, Weiwei Liu, Xin Lu, Xuan Ouyang, Peng Zhou, Jiaqi Gu, Yiqun Zhang, Ding Qiu, Shan Wang, Zhaohui Jin, Youzhong Wan, Jinbiao Ma, Ying Huang, Yang Yu


RNA preprints: W14/2019

Circular RNA circGTIC1 drives gastric TIC self-renewal to initiate gastric tumorigenesis and metastasis. Liyan Wang, Bin Li, Xuhua Xiao, Xiaoyuan Yi, Feifei He

Risk variant in miR-544a binding site in CCDC170 is associated with osteoporosis. Xinhong Liu, Yang Wang, Qin Tan, Yunqi He, Xin Zhao

mRNA Degradation Rates Are Coupled to Metabolic Status in Mycobacteria. Diego A. Vargas-Blanco, Ying Zhou, Luis Gutierrez Zamalloa, Tim Antonelli, Scarlet S. Shell

FilTar: Using RNA-Seq data to improve microRNA target prediction accuracy in animals. Thomas Bradley, Simon Moxon

A heterochromatin-specific RNA export pathway facilitates piRNA production. Mostafa F. ElMaghraby, Peter Refsing Andersen, Florian Pühringer, Katharina Meixner, Thomas Lendl, Laszlo Tirian, Julius Brennecke

Paternally-acting canonical RNA-directed DNA methylation pathway genes sensitize Arabidopsis endosperm to paternal genome dosage. P. R. V. Satyaki, Mary Gehring

Molecular determinants of metazoan tricRNA biogenesis. Casey A. Schmidt, Joseph D. Giusto, Alicia Bao, Anita K. Hopper, A. Gregory Matera

RNA base pairing complexity in living cells visualized by correlated chemical probing. Anthony M. Mustoe, Nicole Lama, Patrick S. Irving, Samuel W. Olson, Kevin M. Weeks

dSreg: A bayesian model to integrate changes in splicing and RNA binding protein activity. Carlos Martí-Gómez, Enrique Lara-Pezzi, Fátima Sánchez-Cabo

MicroRNAs expressed from FSHR and aromatase genes target important ovarian functions. Ilmatar Rooda, Birgitta Kaselt, Andres Salumets, Agne Velthut-Meikas

Fast and unbiased purification of RNA-protein complexes after UV cross-linking. Erika C Urdaneta, Benedikt M Beckmann

Codon Bias Confers Stability to mRNAs via ILF2 in Humans. Fabian Hia, Sheng Fan Yang, Yuichi Shichino, Masanori Yoshinaga, Yasuhiro Murakawa, Alexis Vandenbon, Akira Fukao, Toshinobu Fujiwara, Markus Landthaler, Tohru Natsume, Shungo Adachi, Shintaro Iwasaki, Osamu Takeuchi

Quantitative Principles of cis-translational control by general mRNA sequence features in eukaryotes. Jingyi Jessica Li, Guo-Liang Chew, Mark D. Biggin

TDP-43 proteinopathy impairs neuronal mRNP granule mediated postsynaptic local translation and mRNA metabolism. Chia-En Wong, Kuen-Jer Tsai

The RNA binding protein DAZL functions as repressor and activator of maternal mRNA translation during oocyte maturation. Cai-Rong Yang, Gabriel Rajkovic, Enrico Maria Daldello, Xuan G. Luong, Jing Chen, Marco Conti

The rs6505162 C>A polymorphism in the miRNA-423 gene exhibits a protective element of coronary artery in a southern Chinese population with Kawasaki disease. Jiawen Li, Jinxin Wang, Xiaoping Su, Zhiyong Jiang, Xing Rong, Xueping Gu, Huixian Qiu, Lanlan Zeng, Hao Zheng, Xiaoqiong Gu, Maoping Chu

SSD1 suppresses phenotypes induced by the lack of Elongator-dependent tRNA modifications. Fu Xu, Anders Bystrom, Marcus Johansson

The piRNA Response to Retroviral Invasion of the Koala Genome. Tianxiong Yu, Birgit S. Koppetsch, Keith Chappell, Sara Pagliarani, Stephen Johnston, Zhiping Weng, William E. Theurkauf

Drosophila ribosomal protein S5b is essential for oogenesis and interacts with distinct RNAs. Jian Kong, Hong Han, Julie Bergalet, Louis Philip Benoit Bouvrette, Greco Hernández, Nam Sung Moon, Hojatollah Vali, Éric Lécuyer, Paul Lasko

Interplay Between Short-range Attraction and Long-range Repulsion Controls Reentrant Liquid Condensation of Ribonucleoprotein-RNA Complexes. Ibraheem Alshareedah, Taranpreet Kaur, Jason Ngo, Hannah Seppala, Liz-Audrey Djomnang Kounatse, Wei Wang, Mahdi Muhammad Moosa, Priya R Banerjee

Translation and Transforming Activity of a Circular RNA from Human Papillomavirus. Jiawei Zhao, Eunice E Lee, Jiwoong Kim, Bahir Chamseddin, Rong Yang, Yang Xie, Xiaowei Zhan, Richard Wang

3′-UTR shortening disrupts ceRNA crosstalk of housekeeping genes resulting in subtype-specific breast cancer development. Fan Zhenjiang, Soyeon Kim, Brenda Diergaarde, Hyun Jung Park

In silico analysis of coding SNPs and 3′-UTR associated miRNAs in DCAF17 gene that may affect the regulation and pathogenesis of Woodhouse-Sakati Syndrome. abdelrahman hamza abdelmoneim Sr., Asia M Elrashied, Alaa I Mohammed, Sara A Mirghani, Rania E Osman, Esraa O Gadim, Mohamed A Salih

Alternative Polyadenylation Modifies Target Sites of MicroRNAs with Clinical Potential for Breast Cancer Progression. Soyeon Kim, Yulong Bai, Brenda Diergaarde, George C. Tseng, Hyun Jung Park

BPPart and BPMax: RNA-RNA Interaction Partition Function and Structure Prediction for the Base Pair Counting Model. Ali Ebrahimpour-Boroojeny, Sanjay Rajopadhye, Hamidreza Chitsaz


RNA preprints: W13/2019

Inhibition of arterivirus RNA synthesis by cyclophilin inhibitors is counteracted by mutations in replicase transmembrane subunits. Adriaan H. de Wilde, A. Linda Boomaars-van der Zanden, Anja W. M. de Jong, Montserrat Barcéna, Eric J. Snijder, Clara C. Posthuma

Codon Optimality Confers GC-Rich-Induced Stability to mRNAs in Humans. Fabian Hia, Sheng Fan Yang, Yuichi Shichino, Masanori Yoshinaga, Yasuhiro Murakawa, Alexis Vandenbon, Akira Fukao, Toshinobu Fujiwara, Markus Landthaler, Tohru Natsume, Shungo Adachi, Shintaro Iwasaki, Osamu Takeuchi

ANP32A and ANP32B are key factors in the Rev dependent CRM1 pathway for nuclear export of HIV-1 unspliced mRNA. Yujie Wang, Haili Zhang, Lei Na, Cheng Du, Zhenyu Zhang, Yong-Hui Zheng, Xiaojun Wang

MuStARD: a Deep Learning method for intra- and inter- species scanning identification of small RNA molecules. Georgios K Georgakilas, Andrea Grioni, Konstantinos G Liakos, Eliska Malanikova, Fotis C Plessas, Panagiotis Alexiou

DDX3 depletion selectively represses translation of structured mRNAs. Lorenzo Calviello, Srivats Venkataramanan, Karol J. Rogowski, Emanuel Wyler, Malvika Tejura, Bao Thai, Jacek Krol, Witold Filipowicz, Markus Landthaler, Stephen N. Floor

Metabolic labeling of RNAs uncovers hidden features and dynamics of the Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptome. Emese Xochitl Szabo, Philipp Reichert, Marie-Kristin Lehniger, Marilena Ohmer, Marcella de Francisco Amorim, Udo Gowik, Christian Schmitz-Linneweber, Sascha Laubinger

Cross-talk between m6A and m1A regulators, YTHDF2 and ALKBH3 fine-tunes mRNA expression. Nga Lao, Niall Barron

An RNA guanine quadruplex regulated pathway to TRAIL-sensitization by DDX21. Ewan K.S. McRae, Steven J. Dupas, Evan P. Booy, Ramanaguru S. Piragasam, Richard P. Fahlman, Sean A. McKenna

Efficient and specific oligo-based depletion of rRNA. Amelie J. Kraus, Benedikt G. Brink, T. Nicolai Siegel

Xrn1 activity broadly represses RNA polymerase II occupancy at mammalian but not viral promoters during herpesvirus infection. Ella N Hartenian, Britt A Glaunsinger

The PIWI/piRNA response is relaxed in a rodent that lacks mobilizing transposable elements. Michael W. Vandewege, Roy N. Patt II, Dana K. Merriman, David A. Ray, Federico G. Hoffmann

Time-resolved NMR monitoring of tRNA maturation. Pierre Barraud, Alexandre Gato, Matthias Heiss, Marjorie Catala, Stefanie Kellner, Carine Tisné

Splicing conservation signals in plant long non-coding RNAs. Jose Antonio Corona-Gomez, Irving Jair Garcia-Lopez, Peter F. Stadler, Selene L. Fernandez-Valverde

tailfindr: Alignment-free poly(A) length measurement for Oxford Nanopore RNA and DNA sequencing. Maximilian Krause, Adnan M. Niazi, Kornel Labun, Yamila N. Torres Cleuren, Florian S. Müller, Eivind Valen

The MITF-SOX10 regulated long non-coding RNA DIRC3 is a melanoma tumour suppressor. Elizabeth A Coe, Jennifer Y Tan, Michael Shapiro, Pakavarin Louphrasitthiphol, Andrew R Bassett, Ana C Marques, Colin R Goding, Keith W Vance

Synthetic 5’ UTRs can either up- or down-regulate expression upon RBP binding. Noa Katz, Roni Cohen, Oz Solomon, Beate Kaufmann, Orna Atar, Zohar Yakhini, Sarah Goldberg, Roee Amit

Efficiency of protein synthesis inhibition depends on tRNA and codon compositions. Sophia Rudorf

MiR-218: A Molecular Switch and Potential Biomarker of Susceptibility to Stress. Angelica Torres-Berrio, Dominique Nouel, Santiago Cuesta, Eric M. Parise, Jose Maria Restrepo-Lozano, Pier Larochelle, Eric J. Nestler, Cecilia Flores

Regulatory sites for known and novel splicing in human basal ganglia are enriched for disease-relevant information. Sebastian Guelfi, Karishma D’Sa, Juan Botía, Jana Vandrovcova, Regina H. Reynolds, David Zhang, Daniah Trabzuni, Leonoardo Collado-Torres, Andrew Thomason, Pedro Quijada Leyton, Sarah A. Gagliano, Mike A. Nalls, UK Brain Expression Consortium, Kerrin S. Small, Colin Smith, Adaikalavan Ramasamy, John Hardy, Michael E. Weale, Mina Ryten

Protein features for assembly of the RNA editing helicase 2 subcomplex (REH2C) in Trypanosome holo-editosomes. Vikas Kumar, Pawan K. Doharey, Shelly Gulati, Joshua Meehan, Mary G. Martinez, Karrisa Hughes, Blaine H.M. Mooers, Jorge Cruz-Reyes

The mRNA-bound proteome of Leishmania mexicana: novel genetic insight into an ancient parasite. Luis M. de Pablos, Tiago R. Ferreira, Adam A. Dowle, Sarah Forrester, Ewan Parry, Katherine Newling, Pegine B. Walrad

Extensive epitranscriptomic methylation of A and C residues on murine leukemia virus transcripts enhances viral gene expression. David G. Courtney, Andrea Chalem, Hal P. Bogerd, Brittany A. Law, Edward M. Kennedy, Christopher L. Holley, Bryan R. Cullen

MicroRNA levels in bone and blood change during bisphosphonate and teriparatide therapy in an animal model of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Roland Kocijan, Moritz Weigl, Susanna Skalicky, Elisabeth Geiger, James Ferguson, Gabriele Leinfellner, Patrick Heimel, Peter Pietschmann, Johannes Grillari, Heinz Redl, Matthias Hackl

Class I and II aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase tRNA groove discrimination created the first synthetase•tRNA cognate pairs and was therefore essential to the origin of genetic coding. Charles W. Carter Jr, Peter R. Wills

Pat1 activates late steps in mRNA decay by multiple mechanisms. Joseph H. Lobel, Ryan W Tibble, John D. Gross

Detection of Spacer Precursors Formed In Vivo During Primed CRISPR Adaptation. Anna A. Shiriaeva, Ekaterina Savitskaya, Kirill A. Datsenko, Irina O. Vvedenskaya, Iana Fedorova, Natalia Morozova, Anastasia Metlitskaya, Anton Sabantsev, Bryce E. Nickels, Konstantin Severinov, Ekaterina Semenova

RNase H1 and H2 are differentially regulated to eliminate RNA-DNA hybrids. Arianna Lockhart, Vanessa Borges Pires, Fabio Bento, Vanessa Kellner, Sarah Luke-Glaser, Brian Luke

An essential RNA-binding lysine residue in the Nab3 RRM domain undergoes mono and trimethylation. Kwan Yin Lee, Anand Chopra, Kyle Biggar, Marc D. Meneghini

Co-occurrence of multiple CRISPRs and cas clusters suggests epistatic interactions. Aude Bernheim, David Bikard, Marie Touchon, Eduardo PC Rocha

Ultrasound- and microbubble-mediated targeted delivery of therapeutic microRNA-loaded nanocarriers to deep liver and kidney tissues in pigs. Tommaso Di Ianni, Rajendran J.C. Bose, Uday K. Sukumar, Sunitha Bachawal, Huaijun Wang, Arsenii Telichko, Carl D. Herickhoff, Elise Robinson, Sam Baker, José G. Vilches-Moure, Stephen A. Felt, Sanjiv S. Gambhir, Ramasamy Paulmurugan, Jeremy D. Dahl

TDP-43 proteinopathy impairs neuronal mRNP granule mediated postsynaptic local translation and mRNA metabolism. Chia-En Wong, Kuen-Jer Tsai

Axonal transport of an insulin-like peptide mRNA promotes stress recovery in C. elegans. Rashmi Chandra, Lisa Li, Zahabiya Husain, Shashwat Mishra, Joy Alcedo

Two molecules of Has1 RNA helicase function simultaneously in the biogenesis of small and large ribosomal subunits. Sivakumar Vadivel Gnanasundram, Isabelle C Kos-Braun, Martin Koš

Ribosome profiling at isoform level reveals an evolutionary conserved impact of differential splicing on the proteome. Marina Reixachs-Sole, Jorge Ruiz-Orera, M. Mar Alba, Eduardo Eyras

Inhibition of the Dead Box RNA Helicase 3 prevents HIV-1 Tat and cocaine-induced neurotoxicity by targeting microglia activation. Marina Aksenova, Justin Sybrandt, Biyun Cui, Vitali Sikirzhytski, Hao Ji, Diana Odhiambo, Matthew D Lucius, Jill R Turner, Eugenia Broude, Edsel Pena, Sofia Lizzaraga, Jun Zhu, Ilya Safro, Michael D Wyatt, Michael Shtutman

Strand displacement: a fundamental mechanism in RNA biology? Fan Hong, Petr Šulc

Evolving methods for rational de novo design of functional RNA molecules. Stefan Hammer, Christian Günzel, Mario Mörl, Sven Findeiß

RNA preprints: W12/2019

The lncRNA NEAT1_1 is dispensable for normal tissue homeostasis and cancer cell growth. Carmen Adriaens, Florian Rambow, Greet Bervoets, Toomas Silla, Mari Mito, Tomoki Chiba, Asahara Hiroshi, Tetsuro Hirose, Shinichi Nakagawa, Torben Heick Jensen, Jean-Christophe Marine

DNA methylation, microRNA expression profiles and their relationships with transcriptome in grass-fed and grain-fed Angus Cattle rumen tissue. Yaokun Li, José A. Carrillo, Yi Ding, Yanghua He, Chunping Zhao, Jianan Liu, Linsen Zan, Jiuzhou Song

Post-transcriptional mechanisms distinguish human and chimp forebrain progenitor cells. Daniela A Grassi, Per Ludvik Brattås, Jeovanis G Valdés, Melinda Rezeli, Marie E Jönsson, Sara Nolbrant, Malin Parmar, György Marko-Varga, Johan Jakobsson

ITGA2 is a target of miR-206 promoting cancer stemness and lung metastasis through enhanced ACLY and CCND1 expression in triple negative breast cancer. Valery Adorno-Cruz, Andrew D. Hoffmann, Xia Liu, Brian Wray, Ruth A. Keri, Huiping Liu

Functional RNA Structures in the 3’UTR of Tick-Borne, Insect-Specific and No-Known-Vector Flaviviruses. Roman Ochsenreiter, Ivo L. Hofacker, Michael T. Wolfinger

A type III CRISPR ancillary ribonuclease degrades its cyclic oligoadenylate activator. Januka S. Athukoralage, Shirley Graham, Sabine Grüschow, Christophe Rouillon, Malcolm F. White

Assessing the role of long-noncoding RNA in nucleus accumbens in subjects with alcohol dependence. Gowon O. McMichael, John Drake, Eric Sean Vornholt, Kellen Cresswell, Vernell Williamson, Chris Chatzinakos, Mohammed Mamdani, Siddharth Hariharan, Kenneth S. Kendler, Michael F. Miles, Gursharan Kalsi, Brien P. Riley, Mikhail Dozmorov, Silviu-Alin Bacanu, Vladimir I. Vladimirov

Identification and classification of hubs in miRNA target gene networks in human neural stem/progenitor cells following Japanese encephalitis virus infection. Sriparna Mukherjee, Irshad Akbar, Reshma Bhagat, Bibhabasu Hazra, Arindam Bhattacharyya, Pankaj Seth, Dipanjan Roy, Anirban Basu

A regulatory RNA is associated to invasive meningococcal disease in Europe. Jens Karlsson, Hannes Eichner, Susanne Jacobsson, Edmund Loh

Tissue-specific MicroRNA Expression Alters Cancer Susceptibility Conferred by a TP53 Noncoding Variant. Qipan Deng, Hui Hu, Xinfang Yu, Shuanglin Liu, Lei Wang, Weiqun Chen, Chi Zhang, Zhaoyang Zeng, Ya Cao, Ling Li, Mingzhi Zhang, Steven Rosenfeld, Shideng Bao, Eric Hsi, Ken H Young, Zhongxin Lu, Yong Li

Phenotypical microRNA screen reveals a noncanonical role of CDK2 in regulating neutrophil migration. A.Y. Hsu, D. Wang, S. Liu, J. Lu, R. Syahirah, D.A. Bennin, A. Huttenlocher, D.M. Umulis, J. Wan, Q. Deng

Krüppel-like factor 2- induced microRNAs: implications for treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Hebah Sindi, Giusy Russomanno, Kyeong Beom Jo, Vahitha B. Abdul-Salam, Basma Qazi Chaudhry, Alexander J. Ainscough, Robert Szulcek, Harm Jan Bogaard, Claire C. Morgan, Soni Pullamsetti, Mai Alzaydi, Christopher J. Rhodes, Christina A. Eichstaedt, Ekkehard Grünig, Martin R. Wilkins, Beata Wojciak-Stothard

An Exon Skipping Screen Identifies Antitumor Drugs That Are Potent Modulators of Pre-mRNA Splicing, Suggesting New Therapeutic Applications. Yihui Shi, Walter Bray, Alexander J. Smith, Wei Zhou, Joy Calaoagan, Chandraiah Lagisetti, Lidia Sambucetti, Phillip Crews, R. Scott Lokey, Thomas R. Webb

miRspongeR: an R/Bioconductor package for the identification and analysis of miRNA sponge interaction networks and modules. Junpeng Zhang, Lin Liu, Taosheng Xu, Yong Xie, Chunwen Zhao, Jiuyong Li, Thuc Duy Le

Profiling Gene Specific Changes to RNA Editome in Preeclampsia. Saam Hasan, Shahriyar Mahdi Robbani, Tamanna Afroze, Gias U Ahsan, Muhammad Maqsud Hossain

microRNA mir-598-3p mediates susceptibility to stress-enhancement of remote fear memory. Meghan E Jones, Stephanie E. Sillivan, Sarah Jamieson, Gavin Rumbaugh, Courtney A. Miller

High-throughput RNA sequencing from paired lesional- and non-lesional skin reveals major alterations in the psoriasis circRNAome. Liviu-Ionut Moldovan, Thomas Birkballe Hansen, Morten Trillingsgaard Venø, Trine Line Hauge Okholm, Thomas Levin Andersen, Henrik Hager, Lars Iversen, Jørgen Kjems, Claus Johansen, Lasse Sommer Kristensen

Srrm234, but not canonical SR and hnRNP proteins drive inclusion of Dscam exon 9 variable exons. Pinar Ustaoglu, Irmgard U. Haussmann, Hongzhi Liao, Antonio Torres-Mendez, Roland Arnold, Manuel Irimia, Matthias Soller

Levels of sdRNAs in cytoplasm and their association with ribosomes are dependent upon stress conditions but independent from snoRNA expression. Anna M. Mleczko, Piotr Machtel, M. Walkowiak, A. Wasilewska, K. Bąkowska-Żywicka

3.1Å structure of yeast RNA polymerase II elongation complex stalled at a cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer lesion solved using streptavidin affinity grids. Indrajit Lahiri, Jun Xu, Bong Gyoon Han, Juntaek Oh, Dong Wang, Frank DiMaio, Andres E Leschziner

Circular RNA profiling in the oocyte and cumulus cells reveals that circARMC4 is essential for porcine oocyte maturation. Zubing Cao, Di Gao, Tengteng Xu, Ling Zhang, Xu Tong, Dandan Zhang, Yiqing Wang, Wei Ning, Xin Qi, Yangyang Ma, Kaiyuan Ji, Tong Yu, Yunsheng Li, Yunhai Zhang

Structure-guided enhancement of selectivity of chemical probe inhibitors targeting bacterial seryl-tRNA synthetase. Ricky Cain, Ramya Salimraj, Avinash S. Punekar, Dom Bellini, Colin W. G. Fishwick, Lloyd Czaplewski, David J. Scott, Gemma Harris, Christopher G. Dowson, Adrian J. Lloyd, David I. Roper

Musashi binding elements in Zika and related Flavivirus 3’UTRs: A comparative study in silico. Adriano de Bernardi Schneider, Michael T. Wolfinger

Quantitation of cis-translational control by general mRNA sequence features in five eukaryotes. Jingyi Jessica Li, Guo-Liang Chew, Mark D Biggin

RNA preprints: W11/2019

Comprehensive Classification of the RNaseH-like domain-containing Proteins in Plants. Shuai Li, Kunpeng Liu, Qianwen Sun

Sen1 is required for RNA Polymerase III transcription termination in an R-loop independent manner. Julieta Rivosecchi, Marc Larochelle, Camille Teste, Frédéric Grenier, Amélie Malapert, Emiliano P. Ricci, Pascal Bernard, François Bachand, Vincent Vanoosthuyse

MicroRNA Overexpression screen reveals a noncanonical role of CDK2 in regulating neutrophil migration. Alan Y. Hsu, Decheng Wang, Sheng Liu, Justice Lu, Ramizah Syahirah, David A. Bennin, Anna Huttenlocher, Jun Wan, Qing Deng

Genome-wide profiling of microRNAs and prediction of mRNA targets in 17 bovine tissues. Min Wang, Amanda J Chamberlain, Claire P Prowse-Wilkins, Christy J Vander Jagt, Timothy P Hancock, Jennie E Pryce, Benjamin G Cocks, Mike E Goddard, Benjamin J Hayes

Single-base mapping of m6A by an antibody-independent method. Zhang Zhang, Li-Qian Chen, Yu-Li Zhao, Cai-Guang Yang, Ian A Roundtree, Zijie Zhang, Jian Ren, Wei Xie, Chuan He, Guan-Zheng Luo

MicroRNA-transcriptome networks in whole blood and monocytes of women undergoing preterm labor. Alison G. Paquette, Oksana Shynlova, Xiaogang Wu, Mark Kibschull, Kai Wang, Nathan D. Price, Stephen J Lye

Plasma Circular RNA Panel to Diagnose Hepatitis B Virus-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Jian Yu, Meng-chao Wang, Wen-bing Ding, Xing-gang Guo, Jian Xu, Qing-guo Xu, Yuan Yang, Shu-han Sun, Jing-feng Liu, Lun-xiu Qin, Hui Liu, Fu Yang, Wei-ping Zhou

Germ Granules Functions are Memorized by Transgenerationally Inherited Small RNAs. Itamar Lev, Itai Antoine Toker, Yael Mor, Anat Nitzan, Guy Weintraub, Ornit Bhonkar, Itay Ben Shushan, Uri Seroussi, Julie M. Claycomb, Hila Gingold, Ronen Zaidel-Bar, Oded Rechavi

NET-prism enables RNA polymerase-dedicated transcriptional interrogation at nucleotide resolution. Constantine Mylonas, Peter Tessarz

Non-coding AUG circRNAs constitute an abundant and conserved subclass of circles. Lotte VW Stagsted, Katrine M Nielsen, Iben Daugaard, Thomas B Hansen

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