RNA in preprints: Week 38 edition

Welcome to Week 38! Here is the work on RNA that came out as a preprint over the past week. Enjoy!

miRNAgFree: prediction and profiling of novel microRNAs without genome assembly. Ernesto L. Aparicio, Antonio Rueda, Bastian Fromm, Cristina Gómez-Martin, Ricardo Lebrón, Jose L Oliver, Juan A Marchal, Michail Kotsyfakis, Michael Hackenberg

HyperTRIBE: Upgrading TRIBE with enhanced editing. Weijin Xu, Reazur Rahman, Michael Rosbash

Integrated analysis sheds light on evolutionary trajectories of young transcription start sites in the human genome. Cai Li, Boris Lenhard, Nicholas M. Luscombe

Promoter architecture determines co-translational regulation of mRNA. Maria Lorena Espinar Calvo, Miquel Angel Schikora Tamarit, Julia Domingo Espinos, Lucas B Carey

Interaction Between Host MicroRNAs and the Gut Microbiota in Colorectal Cancer. Ce Yuan, Michael Burns, Subbaya Subramanian, Ran Blekhman

Quantitating Translational Control: mRNA Abundance-Dependent and Independent Contributions and the mRNA Sequences That Specify Them. Jingyi Jessica Li, Guo-Liang Chew, Mark D. Biggin

Updating the 97% identity threshold for 16S‌ ribosomal RNA OTUs. Robert C Edgar

Conserved microRNA targeting reveals preexisting gene dosage sensitivities that shaped amniote sex chromosome evolution. Sahin Naqvi, Daniel W Bellott, Kathy S Lin, David C Page

High-Throughput Identification of Genetic Variation Impact on pre-mRNA Splicing Efficiency. Scott I Adamson, Lijun Zhan, Brenton R Graveley

A Cdk9-PP1 kinase-phosphatase switch regulates the elongation-termination transition of RNA polymerase II. Pabitra K Parua, Gregory T Booth, Miriam Sansó, Bradley Benjamin, Jason C Tanny, John T Lis, Robert P Fisher

Cdk9 regulates a promoter-proximal checkpoint to modulate RNA Polymerase II elongation rate. Gregory T Booth, Pabitra K Parua, Miriam Sanso, Robert P Fisher, John T Lis

RNA binding and HEPN nuclease activation are decoupled in CRISPR-Cas13a. Akshay Tambe, Alexandra East-Seletsky, Gavin J Knott, Jennifer A Doudna, Mitchell R O’Connell

The ERA-related GTPase AtERG2 associated with mitochondria 18S RNA is essential for early embryo development in Arabidopsis. Pengyu Cheng, Hongjuan Li, Linlin Yuan, Huiyong Li, Lele Xi, Junjie Zhang, Jin Liu, Yingdian Wang, Heping Zhao, Huixin Zhao, Shengcheng Han


Did we miss something? Let us know!



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