RNA preprints: Week 45 edition

The effect of macromolecular crowding on single-round transcription by E. coli RNA polymerase. SangYoon Chung, Eitan Lerner, Yan Jin, Soohong Kim, Yazan Alhadid, Logan Wilson Grimaud, Irina X. Zhang, Charles M. Knobler, William M. Gelbart, Shimon Weiss

Role of SCN5A coding and non-coding sequences in Brugada syndrome onset. What’s behind the scenes? Houria Daimi, Amel Haj Khelil, Ali Neji, Khaldoun Ben Hamda, Sabri Maaoui, Amelia Aranega, Jemni Be Chibani, Diego Franco Jaime

Polymerase pausing induced by sequence-specific RNA binding protein drives heterochromatin assembly. Jahan-Yar Parsa, Selim Boudoukha, Jordan Burke, Christina Homer, Hiten Madhani

Phytophthora methylomes modulated by expanded 6mA methyltransferases are associated with adaptive genome regions. Han Chen, Haidong Shu, Liyuan Wang, Fan Zhang, Xi Li, Sylvans Ochola, Fei Mao, Hongyu Ma, Wenwu Ye, Tingting Gu, Lubing Jiang, Yufeng Wu, Yuanchao Wang, Sophien Kamoun, Suomeng Dong

Nuclear Abl Drives Extracellular-Vesicle Transfer of miR-34c to Induce Bystander Effects of Radiation. Shubhra Rastogi, Amini Hwang, Josolyn Chan, Jean YJ Wang

Dynamics of human telomerase recruitment depend on template-telomere base-pairing. Jens Christopher Schmidt, Arthur J. Zaug, Regina Kufer, Thomas R. Cech

Tn5Prime, a Tn5 based 5′ Capture Method for Single Cell RNA-seq. Charles Cole, Ashley Byrne, Anna E. Beaudin, E. Camilla Forsberg, Christopher Vollmers

Efficient and accurate detection of splice junctions from RNAseq with Portcullis. Daniel Mapleson, Luca Venturini, Gemy Kaithakottil, David Swarbreck

Structural basis for terminal loop recognition and processing of pri-miRNA-18a by hnRNP A1. Hamed Kooshapur, Nila Roy Choudhury, Bernd Simon, Max Muehlbauer, Alexander Jussupow, Noemi Fernandez, Andre Dallmann, Frank Gabel, Carlo Camilloni, Gracjan Michlewski, Javier F. Caceres, Michael Sattler

The affinity of the S9.6 antibody for double-stranded RNAs impacts the mapping of R-loops in fission yeast. Stella R. Hartono, Amélie Malapert, Pénélope Legros, Pascal Bernard, Frédéric Chédin, Vincent Vanoosthuyse

A hyperthermophilic phage decoration protein suggests common evolutionary origin with Herpesvirus Triplex proteins and an anti-CRISPR protein. Nicholas P. Stone, Brendan J. Hilbert, Daniel Hidalgo, Kevin T. Halloran, Brian A. Kelch

Structure of the eukaryotic cytoplasmic pre-40S ribosomal subunit. Alain Scaiola, Cohue Pena, Melanie Weisser, Daniel Boehringer, Marc Leibundgut, Purnima Klingauf-Nerurkar, Stefan Gerhardy, Vikram Panse, Nenad Ban

AptaBlocks: Accelerating the Design of RNA-based Drug Delivery Systems. Yijie Wang, Jan Hoinka, Piotr Swiderski, Teresa Przytycka

Deimination of arginine at the C-terminal domain favors RNA polymerase II pause release. Priyanka Sharma, Antonios Lioutas, Javier Quilez, Roni H. G. Wright, Chiara Di Vona, Francois Le Dily, Roland Schuller, Dirk Eick, Miguel Beato

DHX36 binding at G-rich sites in mRNA untranslated regions promotes translation. Markus Sauer, Stefan A. Juranek, Hinke G. Kazemier, Daniel Benhalevy, Xiantao Wang, Markus Hafner, Katrin Paeschke

Non-invasive measurement of mRNA decay reveals translation initiation as the major determinant of mRNA stability. Leon Y. Chan, Christopher F. Mugler, Stephanie Heinrich, Pascal Vallotton, Karsten Weis

A bacterial GW-effector targets Arabidopsis AGO1 to promote pathogenicity and induces Effector-triggered immunity by disrupting AGO1 homeostasis. Odon Thiebeauld, Magali Charvin, Meenu Singla Rastogi, Fan Yang, Dominique Pontier, Cecile Pouzet, Laure Bapaume, Guangyong Li, Laurent Deslandes, Thierry Lagrange, James R. Alfano, Lionel Navarro

Multidimensional quantitative analysis of mRNA expression within intact vertebrate embryos. Vikas Trivedi, Harry M. T. Choi, Scott E. Fraser, Niles A. Pierce


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