RNA preprints: W4/2018

Comprehensive functional profiling of long non-coding RNAs through a novel pan-cancer integration approach and modular analysis of their protein-coding gene association networks. Kevin Walters, Radmir Sarsenov, Wen S Too, Roseanna K Hare, Ian C Paterson, Daniel W Lambert, Stephen Brown, James R Bradford

An atypical CRISPR-Cas locus in Symbiobacterium thermophilum flanked by a transposase, a reverse transcriptase, the endonuclease MutS2 and a putative Cas9-like protein. Sandeep Chakraborty

Global analysis of gene expression dynamics identifies factors required for accelerated mRNA degradation. Darach Miller, Nathan Brandt, David Gresham

Systematic meta-analyses identify differentially expressed microRNAs in Parkinson’s disease. Jessica Schulz, Petros Takousis, Inken Wohlers, Ivie Itua, Valerija Dobricic, Harald Binder, Lefkos Middleton, John Ioannidis, Robert Perneczky, Lars Bertram, Christina Lill

Assembly and validation of conserved long non-coding RNAs in the ruminant transcriptome. Stephen J Bush, Charity Muriuki, Mary E B McCulloch, Iseabail L Farquhar, Emily Louise Clark, David A Hume

Monitoring the 5-methoxycarbonylmethyl-2-thiouridine (mcm5s2U) modification in eukaryotic tRNAs via the gamma-toxin endonuclease. Jenna M Lentini, Jillian Ramos, Dragony Fu

Genome-wide analysis of RNA editing levels in human blood identified interactions with mRNA processing genes and suggested correlations with biological and drug-related variables. Edoardo Giacopuzzi, Massimo Gennarelli, Chiara Sacco, Chiara Magri, Alessandro Barbon

Developmental genetics of corolla tube formation: role of the tasiRNA-ARF pathway. Baoqing Ding, Rui Xia, Vandana Gurung, Janelle M. Sagawa, Lauren E. Stanley, Matthew Strobel, Qiaoshan Lin, Pamela K. Diggle, Blake C. Meyers, Yao-Wu Yuan

Loss of mCHH islands in maize chromomethylase and DDM1-type nucleosome remodeler mutants. Fang-Fang Fu, R. Kelly Dawe, Jonathan I. Gent

Graphene-oxide quenching-based molecular beacon imaging of exosome-mediated transfer of neurogenic miR-193a on microfluidic platform. Hyun Jeong Oh, Hyejin Park, Dayoung Yoon, Seok Chung, Do Won Hwang, Dong Soo Lee

Combined analysis of genome sequencing and RNA-motifs reveals novel damaging non-coding mutations in human tumors. Babita Singh, Juan L Trincado, PJ Tatlow, Stephen R Piccolo, Eduardo Eyras

Bioinformatic analysis of endogenous and exogenous small RNAs on lipoproteins. Ryan M Allen, Shilin Zhao, Marisol A. Ramirez-Solano, Danielle L. Michell, Yuhuan Wang, Yu Shyr, Praveen Sethupathy, MacRae F Linton, Gregory A Graf, Quanhu Sheng, Kasey C Vickers

Discovering lncRNA Mediated Sponge Interactions in Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes. Gulden Olgun, Ozgur Sahin, Oznur Tastan

Enzyme-based synthesis of single molecule RNA FISH probes. Christian Lanctôt

Large differences in small RNA composition between human biofluids. Paula Maria Godoy, Nirav R Bhakta, Andrea J Barczak, Hakan Cakmak, Susan Fisher, Tippi C Mackenzie, Tushar Patel, Richard W Price, James F Smith, Prescott G Woodruff, David J Erle

Rapid and dynamic alternative splicing impacts the Arabidopsis cold response transcriptome. Cristiane P G Calixto, Wenbin Guo, Allan B James, Nikoleta A Tzioutziou, Juan C Entizne, Paige E Panter, Heather Knight, Hugh G Nimmo, Runxuan Zhang, John Brown

The Evolutionary History and Impact of Bacterial tRNA Modifications. Gaurav D Diwan, Deepa Agashe

HOTAIR ancient sequence suggests regulatory roles both in cis and trans. Chirag Nepal, Yavor Hadzheiv, Sachin Pundhir, Piotr Mydel, Boris Lenhard, Ferenc Mueller, Jesper B Andersen


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