RNA preprints: W21/2018

EternaBrain: Automated RNA design through move sets from an Internet-scale RNA videogame. Rohan Koodli, Benjamin Keep, Katherine R Coppess, Fernando Portela, Eterna Players, Rhiju Das

RNA components of the spliceosome regulate tissue- and cancer-specific alternative splicing. Heidi Dvinge, Jamie Guenthoer, Peggy L Porter, Robert K Bradley

N4-acetylcytidine and 5-formylcytidine are present in Saccharomyces cerevisiae mRNAs. Mehmet Tardu, Qishan Lin, Kristin Koutmou

TLR3-TRIF pathway activation by Neospora caninum RNA enhances infection control. Vanessa dos Santos Miranda, Flávia Batista Ferreira França, Mylla Spirandelli da Costa, Vanessa Resende Souza Silva, Caroline Martins Mota, Patricio da Silva Cardoso Barros, Kleber Simonio Parreira, Fernanda Maria Santiago, Jose Roberto Mineo, Tiago WP Mineo

Genetic compensation is triggered by mutant mRNA degradation. Mohamed El-Brolosy, Andrea Rossi, Zacharias Kontarakis, Carsten Kuenne, Stefan Guenther, Nana Fukuda, Carter Takacs, Shih-Lei Lai, Ryuichi Fukuda, Claudia Gerri, Khrievono Kikhi, Antonio Giraldez, Didier Y.R. Stainier

MicroRNA-184 Is Induced By Store-Operated Calcium Entry And Regulates Early Keratinocyte Differentiation. Adam Richardson, Andrew Powell, Darren W. Sexton, Jason L. Parsons, Nicholas J. Reynolds, Kehinde Ross

A Deep Learning Approach for Learning Intrinsic Protein-RNA Binding Preferences. Ilan Ben-Bassat, Benny Chor, Yaron Orenstein

MicroRNA-196a is regulated by ER and is a prognostic biomarker in ER+ Breast Cancer. Michael Milevskiy, Udai Gujral, Carolina Del Lama Marques, Andrew Stone, Korinne Northwood, Lez Burke, Julia Gee, Kenneth Nephew, Susan Clark, Melissa Brown

The RNA demethylase FTO targets m6Am in snRNA to establish distinct methyl isoforms that influence splicing. Jan Mauer, Miriam Sindelar, Théo Guez, Jean-Jacques Vasseur, Andrea Rentmeister, Steven S Gross, Livio Pellizzoni, Françoise Debart, Hani Goodarzi, Samie R Jaffrey

The 5′ untranslated region of the EFG1 transcript promotes its translation to regulate hyphal morphogenesis in Candida albicans. Prashant R. Desai, Klaus Lengeler, Mario Kapitan, Silas M. Janßen, Paula Alepuz, Ilse D. Jacobsen, Joachim F. Ernst

miR-21-5p and miR-30a-5p are identical in human and bovine, have similar isomiR distribution, and cannot be used to identify xenomiR uptake from cow milk. Bastian Fromm, Juan Pablo Tosar, Yin Lu, Marc K Halushka, Kenneth W Witwer

Long noncoding RNA ANRIL supports proliferation of adult T-cell leukemia cells through cooperation with EZH2. Zaowen Song, Wencai Wu, Mengyun Chen, Wenzhao Cheng, Juntao Yu, Jinyong Fang, Lingling Xu, Jun-ichirou Yasunaga, Masao Matsuoka, Tiejun Zhao

Olive mild mosaic virus coat protein and p6 are suppressors of RNA silencing and their silencing confers resistance against OMMV. Carla Varanda, Patrick Materatski, Maria Doroteia Campos, Maria Ivone Clara, Gustavo Nolasco, Maria Rosário Félix

CD95L mRNA is toxic to cells. William Putzbach, Ashley Haluck-Kangas, Quan Q Gao, Aishe A Sarshad, Elizabeth T Bartom, Austin Stults, Abdul S Qadir, Markus Hafner, Marcus E Peter

Transcription factor TAp73 and miRNA-449 cooperate in multiciliogenesis. Merit Wildung, Tilman Uli Esser, Katie Baker Grausam, Cornelia Wiedwald, Li Li, Jessica Lynn Simcox Zylla, Ann-Kathrin Günther, Magdalena Wienken, Evrim Ercetin, Felix Bremmer, Orr Shomroni, Stefan Andreas, Haotian Zhao, Muriel Lizé

Non-coding AUG circRNAs constitute an abundant and conserved subclass of circles. Lotte Victoria Winther Stagsted, Katrine Mandrup Nielsen, Iben Daugaard, Thomas Birkballe Hansen

Base-pair Ambiguity and the Kinetics of RNA Folding: a Hypothesis-Driven Statistical Analysis. Guangyao Zhou, Jackson Loper, Stuart Geman

Time Dependent Stochastic mRNA and Protein Synthesis in Piecewise-deterministic Models of Gene Networks. Guilherme Innocentini, Arran Hodgkinson, Ovidiu Radulescu

Let-7i-5p regulation of cell morphology and migration through distinct signaling pathways in normal and pathogenic fibroblasts from urethra. Kaile Zhang, Jun Chen, Shukui Zhou, Ranxin Yang, Ying Wang, Qiang Fu, Rong Chen, Xiaolan Fang

Multiplexed Primer Extension Sequencing Enables High Precision Detection of Rare Splice Isoforms. Hansen Xu, Benjamin J Fair, Zach Dwyer, Michael Gildea, Jeffrey A Pleiss

D-amino acid-mediated translation arrest is modulated by the identity of the incoming aminoacyl-tRNA. Rachel C. Fleisher, Virginia W. Cornish, Ruben L. Gonzalez Jr.



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