RNA preprints: W24/2018

Homeostasis of protein and mRNA concentrations in growing cells. Jie Lin, Ariel Amir

Transiently depleting RNPS1 leads to perdurable changes in alternative splicing. Jerôme Barbier, Alexandre Cloutier, Johanne Toutant, Mathieu Durand, Elvy Lapointe, Philippe Thibault, Benoit Chabot

cDeepbind: A context sensitive deep learning model of RNA-protein binding. Shreshth Gandhi, Leo J. Lee, Andrew Delong, David Duvenaud, Brendan Frey

Engineered resistance to Zika virus in transgenic Ae. aegypti expressing a polycistronic cluster of synthetic miRNAs. Anna Buchman, Stephanie Gamez, Ming Li, Igor Antoshechkin, hin-Hang Lee, Shin-Wei Wang, Chun-Hong Chen, Melissa J Klein, Jean-Bernard Duchmemin, Prasad N. Paradkar, Omar S Akbari

Effects of Short-time Exposure to Atrazine on miRNA Expression Profiles in the Gonad of Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio). Fang Wang, Wen qian Yang, Jie wen Zhao, Yan qi Du, Jie zhong Chang

Impaired hematopoiesis and leukemia development in mice with a “knock-in” allele of U2af1(S34F). Dennis Liang Fei, Tao Zhen, Benjamin Durham, John Ferrarone, Tuo Zhang, Lisa Garrett, Akihide Yoshimi, Omar Abdel-Wahab, Robert Bradley, Paul Liu, Harold Varmus

Predict plant-derived xenomiRs from plant miRNA sequences using random forest and one-dimensional convolutional neural network models. Qi Zhao, Qian Mao, Zheng Zhao, Tongyi Dou, Zhiguo Wang, Xiaoyu Cui, Yuanning Liu, Xiaoya Fan

Elucidating the functional role of predicted miRNAs in post-transcriptional gene regulation along with symbiosis in Medicago truncatula. Ranjit Prasad Bahadur, Moumita Roy Chowdhury, Jolly Basak

Poor codon optimality is a signal to degrade transcripts with frameshifts. Miquel Angel Schikora Tamarit, Lucas Carey

Analyze Nucleic Acids Structures and Trajectories with Barnaba. Sandro Bottaro, Giovanni Bussi, Giovanni Pinamonti, Sabine Reisser, Wouter Boomsma, Kresten Lindorff-Larsen

LncRNA Spehd regulates hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors and is required for multilineage differentiation. M Joaquina Delás, Benjamin T Jackson, Tatjana Kovacevic, Silvia Vangelisti, Ester Munera Maravilla, Sophia A Wild, Eva Maria Stork, Nicolas Erard, Simon RV Knott, Gregory J Hannon

Testing the Red Queen hypothesis on de novo new genes – Run or die in the evolution of new microRNAs. Yixin Zhao, Hao Yang, Pei Lin, Zhongqi Liufu, Guang-An Lu, Jin Xu, Tian Tang, Haijun Wen, Chung-I Wu

Genome-wide identification of functional tRNA-derived fragments in Senescence-accelerated mouse prone 8 brain. Shuai Zhang, Hejian Li, Ling Zheng, Hong Li, Chengqiang Feng, Wensheng Zhang

RNA polymerase II clustering through CTD phase separation. Marc Boehning, Claire Dugast-Darzacq, Marija Rankovic, Anders S Hansen, Tae-Kyung Yu, Herve Marie-Nelly, David T McSwiggen, Goran Kokic, Gina M Dailey, Patrick Cramer, Xavier Darzacq, Markus Zweckstetter

Extracellular Vesicles promote host immunity during an M. tuberculosis infection through RNA Sensing. Jeff Schorey, Yong Cheng

Frequent translation of small open reading frames in evolutionary conserved lncRNA regions. Jorge Ruiz-Orera, M.Mar Alba

Mechanisms of gene death in the Red Queen race revealed by the analysis of de novo microRNAs. Guang-An Lu, Yixin Zhao, Ao Lan, Zhongqi Liufu, Haijun Wen, Tian Tang, Jin Xu, Chung-I Wu

The block spectrum of RNA pseudoknot structures. Thomas J. X. Li, Christina S. Burris, Christian M. Reidys


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