RNA preprints: W27/2018

Nearly all new protein-coding predictions in the CHESS database are not protein-coding. Irwin Jungreis, Michael L. Tress, Jonathan Mudge, Cristina Sisu, Toby Hunt, Rory Johnson, Barbara Uszczynska-Ratajczak, Julien Lagarde, James Wright, Paul Muir, Mark Gerstein, Roderic Guigo, Manolis Kellis, Adam Frankish, Paul Flicek, The GENCODE Consortium

Structural rearrangement of TFIIS- and TFIIF/TFIIE-like subunits in RNA polymerase I transcription complexes. Lucas Tafur, Yashar Sadian, Rene Wetzel, Felix Weis, Christoph W. Muller

RibonucleaseH1-targeted R-loops in surface antigen gene expression sites can direct trypanosome immune evasion. Emma Briggs, Kathryn Crouch, Leandro Lemgruber, Craig Lapsley, Richard McCulloch

Environmentally-induced epigenetic conversion of a piRNA cluster. Karine Casier, Valerie Delmarre, Nathalie Gueguen, Catherine Hermant, Elise Viode, Chantal Vaury, Stephane Ronsseray, Emilie Brasset, Laure Teysset, Antoine Boivin

microRNA-dependent regulation of biomechanical genes establishes tissue stiffness homeostasis. Albertomaria Moro, Tristan Driscoll, William Armero, Liana C. Boraas, Dionna Kasper, Nicolas Baeyens, Charlene Jouy, Venkatesh Mallikarjun, Joe Swift, Sang Joon Ahn, Donghoon Lee, Jing Zhang, Mengting Gu, Mark Gerstein, Martin Schwartz, Stefania Nicoli

The mirtron miR-1010 functions in concert with its host gene SKIP to maintain synaptic homeostasis. Christopher Amourda, Timothy E Saunders

A method for RNA structure prediction shows evidence for structure in lncRNAs. Riccardo Delli Ponti, Alexandros Armaos, Stefanie Marti, Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

Drosophila DNA/RNA methyltransferase contributes to robust host defense in ageing animals by regulating sphingolipid metabolism. Varada Abhyankar, Bhagyashree Kaduskar, Siddhesh Kamat, Deepti Deobagkar, Girish S Ratnaparkhi

Monochrome multiplex qPCR of 18S and 5.8S human rDNA. Chris B Ligerman, Richard M Cawthon

Role of Cnot6l in maternal mRNA turnover. Filip Horvat, Helena Fulka, Radek Jankele, Radek Malik, Jun Ma, Katerina Solcova, Radislav Sedlacek, Kristian Vlahovicek, Richard M Schultz, Petr Svoboda

Characterization of Telomeric Repeat-Containing RNA (TERRA) localization and protein interactions in Primordial Germ Cells of the mouse. Miguel Angel Brieno-Enriquez, Stefannie L. Moak, Anyul Abud-Flores, Paula Elaine Cohen

Genome-wide analysis of RNA sites consistently edited in human blood reveals interactions with mRNA processing genes and suggests correlations with biological and drug-related variables. Edoardo Giacopuzzi, Massimo Gennarelli, Chiara Sacco, Chiara Magri, Alessandro Barbon

Transposon silencing in the Drosophila female germline ensures genome stability in progeny embryos. Anne Ephrussi, Zeljko Durdevic, Ramesh S Pillai

Widespread separation of the polypyrimidine tract from 3′ AG by G tracts in association with alternative exons in metazoa and plants. Hai Nguyen, Jiuyong Xie

Altered hsrω lncRNA levels in activated Ras background further enhance Ras activity in Drosophila eye and induces more R7 photoreceptors. Mukulika Ray, Subhash C. Lakhotia

Rab1b and ARF5 are novel RNA-binding proteins involved in IRES-driven RNA localization. Javier Fernandez-Chamorro, Rosario Francisco-velilla, Jorge Ramajo, Encarna Martinez-Salas

Covariation analysis with improved parameters reveals conservation in lncRNA structures. Rafael C A Tavares, Anna M Pyle, Srinivas Somarowthu

Microrna-184 And Its Lncrna Sponge Uca1 Are Induced In Wounded Keratinocytes In A Store-Operated Calcium Entry-Dependent Manner. Adam Richardson, Daniel J Owens, Kehinde Ross


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