RNA preprints: W34/2018

MicroRNA regulation of CTP synthase and cytoophidium in Drosophila melanogaster. Najat Dzaki, Wai-Kan Woo, Ghows Azzam

Excitable dynamics through toxin-induced mRNA cleavage in bacteria. Stefan Vet, Alexandra Vandervelde, Lendert Gelens

Circular RNAs regulate cancer stem cells by FMRP against CCAR1 complex in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hong-Yang Wang, Yan-Jing Zhu, Bo Zheng, Xu-Kai Ma, Xin-Yuan Lu, Xi-Meng Lin, Gui-Juan Luo, Shuai Yang, Qing Zhao, Xin Chen, Ying-Cheng Yang, Xiao-Long Liu, Rui Wu, Jingfeng Liu, Yang Ge, Li Yang, Lei Chen

CryoEM structures of MDA5-dsRNA filaments at different stages of ATP hydrolysis. Qin Yu, Kun Qu, Yorgo Modis

Allele-specific binding of RNA-binding proteins reveals functional genetic variants in the RNA. Ei-Wen Yang, Jae Hoon Bahn, Esther Yun-Hua Hsiao, Boon Xin Tan, Yiwei Sun, Ting Fu, Bo Zhou, Eric L. Van Nostrand, Gabriel A. Pratt, Peter Freese, Xintao Wei, Giovanni Quinones-Valdez, Alexander E. Urban, Brenton R. Graveley, Christopher B. Burge, Gene W. Yeo, Xinshu Xiao

Endogenous viral elements are widespread in arthropod genomes and commonly give rise to piRNAs. Anneliek M ter Horst, Jared C Nigg, Bryce W Falk

Deterministic splicing of Dscam2 is regulated by Muscleblind. Joshua Shing Shun Li, S Sean Millard

Enhanced resistance to bacterial and oomycete pathogens by short tandem target mimic RNAs in tomato. Alex Canto-Pastor, Bruno Santos, Adrian Valli, William Summers, Sebastian Schornack, David Baulcombe

All four double-stranded RNA binding domains of Staufen2 contribute to efficient mRNA recognition and transcript localization. Simone Heber, Imre Gaspar, Jan-Niklas Tants, Johannes Günther, Sandra M Fernández Moya, Robert Janowski, Anne Ephrussi, Michael Sattler, Dierk Niessing

Intron-mediated enhancement boosts Rtn4 circRNA expression: A robust method for exploring circRNA function. Dingding Mo, Xinping Li, Di Cui, Jeanne-Franca Vollmar

Combinatorial recognition of clustered RNA elements by a multidomain RNA-binding protein, IMP3. Tim Schneider, Lee-Hsueh Hung, Masood Aziz, Anna Wilmen, Stephanie Thaum, Jacqueline Wagner, Robert Janowski, Simon Muller, Stefan Huttelmaier, Dierk Niessing, Michael Sattler, Andreas Schlundt, Albrecht Bindereif

Arnav: Site specific error models to identify variants in RNA. Avinash Ramu, Donald Conrad

RNA-binding protein A1CF modulates plasma triglyceride levels through posttranscriptional regulation of stress-induced VLDL secretion. Jennie Lin, Donna M Conlon, Xiao Wang, Eric Von Nostrand, Ines Robano, YoSon Park, Alanna Strong, Behram Radmanesh, Yoseph Barash, Daniel J Rader, Gene W Yeo, Kiran Musunuru

Global identification of functional microRNA::mRNA interactions in Drosophila. Hans-Hermann Wessels, Svetlana Lebedeva, Antje Hirsekorn, Neelanjan Mukherjee, Uwe Ohler

Tissue- and sex-specific small RNAomes reveal sex differences in response to the environment. Alexandra Bezler, Fabian Braukmann, Sean West, Arthur Duplan, Raffaell Conconi, Frederic Schuetz, Pierre Goenczy, Fabio Piano, Kristin Gunsalus, Eric Miska, Laurent Keller

Dynamic Regulation of RNA Structure in Mammalian Cells. lei Sun, Furqan Fazal, Pan Li, James Broughton, Byron Lee, Lei Tang, Wenze Huang, Howard Chang, Qiangfeng Cliff Zhang

miR-210 controls the evening phase of circadian locomotor rhythms through repression of Fasciclin 2. Wesley Leigh, Zhenxing Liu, Xiaoge Nian, Yong Zhang

Trans-splicing of the C. elegans let-7 primary transcript developmentally regulates let-7 microRNA biogenesis and let-7 family microRNA activity. Charles Nelson, Victor Ambros

MicroRNA regulation of BMP signaling; cross-talk between endothelium and vascular smooth muscle cells. Charlene Watterston, Lei Zeng, Abidemi Onabadejo, Sarah J Childs


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