RNA preprints: W42/2018

The mRNA export adaptor Yra1 contributes to DNA double-strand break repair through its C-box domain. Valentina Infantino, Evelina Tutucci, Noel Yeh Martin, Audrey Zihlmann, Varinia Garcia-Molinero, Geraldine Silvano, Benoit Palancade, Francoise Stutz

Programmed Delayed Splicing: A Mechanism for Timed Inflammatory Gene Expression. Devdoot Majumdar, Luke Frankiw, Christian H. Burns, Yvette Garcia-Flores, David Baltimore

Using pan RNA-seq analysis to reveal the ubiquitous existence of 5′ end and 3′ end small RNAs. Xiaofeng Xu, Haishuo Ji, Zhi Cheng, Xiufeng Jin, Xue Yao, Yanqiang Liu, Qiang Zhao, Tao Zhang, Jishou Ruan, Wenjun Bu, Ze Chen, Gao Shan

Bud13 Promotes a Type I Interferon Response By Countering Intron Retention in Irf7. Luke S Frankiw, Devdoot Majumdar, Christian Burns, Logan Vlach, Annie Moradian, Michael Sweredoski, David Baltimore

Base-pair Ambiguity and the Kinetics of RNA Folding. Guangyao Zhou, Jackson Loper, Stuart Geman

Molecular anatomy and plasticity of the long noncoding RNA HOTAIR. Rachel Spokoini-Stern, Dimitar Stamov, Hadass Jessel, Lior Aharoni, Heiko Haschke, Jonathan Giron, Ron Unger, Eran Segal, Almogit Abu-Horowitz, Ido Bachele

MicroRNAs buffer genetic variation at specific temperatures during embryonic development. Christopher Amourda, Jeronica Chong, Timothy E Saunders

Structure of transcribing RNA polymerase II-nucleosome complex. Lucas Farnung, Seychelle M. Vos, Patrick Cramer

The RNA-binding ATPase, Armitage, Couples piRNA Amplification in Nuage to Phased piRNA Production on Mitochondria. Daniel Tianfang Ge, Wei Wang, Cindy Tipping, Ildar Gainetdinov, Zhiping Weng, Phillip D Zamore

Widespread RNA editing dysregulation in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Stephen Tran, Hyun-Ik Jun, Jae Hoon Bahn, Adel Azghadi, Gokul Ramaswami, Eric L. Van Nostrand, Thai B. Nguyen, Yun-Hua E. Hsiao, Changhoon Lee, Gabriel A. Pratt, Gene W. Yeo, Daniel H. Geschwind, Xinshu Xiao

Response to “No evidence of functional co-adaptation between clustered microRNAs”. Yirong Wang, Hong Zhang, Jian Lu

Nuclear actin interactome analysis links actin to KAT14 histone acetyl transferase and mRNA splicing. Tiina Viita, Salla Kyheröinen, Bina Prajapati, Jori Virtanen, Markku Varjosalo, Maria Vartiainen

Interaction of modified oligonucleotides with nuclear proteins, formation of novel nuclear structures and sequence-independent effects on RNA processing. Loren L Flynn, Ruohan Li, May T Aung-Htut, Ianthe L Pitout, Jack Cooper, Alysia Hubbard, Lisa Griffiths, Charles Bond, Steve D Wilton, Archa H Fox, Sue Fletcher

PCF11 connects alternative polyadenylation to formation and spontaneous regression of neuroblastoma. Anton Ogorodnikov, Michal Levin, Surendra Tattikota, Sergey Tokalov, Mainul Hoque, Denise Scherzinger, Federico Marini, Ansgar Poetsch, Harald Binder, Stephan Macher-Goeppinger, Bin Tian, Michael Schaefer, Karl Lackner, Frank Westermann, Sven Danckwardt

Assessing the response of small RNA populations to allopolyploidy using resynthesized Brassica napus allotetraploids. Paulina Martinez Palacios, Marie-Pierre Jacquemot, Marion Tapie, Agnes Rousselet, Mamoudou Diop, Carine Remoue, Matthieu Falque, Andrew Lloyd, Eric Jenczewski, Gilles Lassalle, Anne-Marie Chevre, Christine Lelandais, Martin Crespi, Philippe Brabant, Johann Joets, Karine Ali

The RNA-binding protein AATF coordinates rRNA maturation. Rainer Kaiser, Michael Ignarski, Eric L. Van Nostrand, Christian Frese, Manaswita Jain, Sadrija Cukoski, Heide Heinen, Melanie Schaechter, Konstantin Bunte, Peter Frommolt, Patrick Keller, Mark Helm, Katrin Bohl, Martin Höhne, Bernhard Schermer, Thomas Benzing, Katja Höpker, Christoph Dieterich, Gene W Yeo, Roman-Ulrich Mueller, Francesca Fabretti

A cell-based probabilistic approach unveils the concerted action of miRNAs. Shelly Mahlab-Aviv, Nathan Linial, Michal Linial

Disruption in A-to-I editing levels affects C. elegans development more than a complete lack of editing. Nabeel S. Ganem, Noa Ben-Asher, Aidan C. Manning, Sarah N. Deffit, Michael C. Washburn, Emily C. Wheeler, Gene W Yeo, Orna Ben-Naim Zgayer, Einav Mantsur, Heather A. Hundley, Ayelet T Lamm

Model-based analysis of positive selection significantly expands the list of cancer driver genes, including RNA methyltransferases. Siming Zhao, Jun Liu, Pranav Nanga, Yuwen Liu, Ercument Cicek, Nicholas Knoblauch, Chuan He, Matthew Stephens, Xin He


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