RNA preprints: W46/2018

An integrative study on ribonucleoprotein condensates identifies scaffolding RNAs and reveals a new player in Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome. Fernando Cid-Samper, Iona Gelabert-Baldrich, Benjamin Lang, Nieves Lorenzo-Gotor, Riccardo Delli Ponti, Lies-Anne WFM Severijnen, Benedetta Bolognesi, Ellen Gelpi, Renate K. Hukema-Felten, Teresa Botta-Orfila, Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

Identifying the diagnostic value of microRNA-421 in gastric cancer patients: a meta-analysis. Yan Miao, Ying Zhang, Lina Wang, Lihong Yin

TriPepSVM – de novo prediction of RNA-binding proteins based on short amino acid motifs. Annkatrin Bressin, Roman Schulte-Sasse, Davide Figini, Erika C. Urdaneta, Benedikt M. Beckmann, Annalisa Marsico

Chromatin Compaction by Small RNAs and the Nuclear RNAi Machinery in C. elegans. Brandon D Fields, Scott Kennedy

Impact of a Patient-Derived Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genome with a Mutated MicroRNA Binding Site. Miguel Mata, Steven Neben, Karim Majzoub, Jan Carette, Peter Sarnow

The stem rust fungus Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici induces waves of small RNAs with opposing profiles during wheat infection. Jana Sperschneider, Silke Jacques, Bo Xu, Narayana Upadhyaya, Rohit Mago, Karam Singh, Eric Stone, Ming-Bo Wang, Peter Dodds, Jennifer Taylor

Precursor miRNAs are trafficked along axons associated with vesicles and locally processed to regulate growth cone steering. Eloina Corradi, Antoneta Gavoci, Stephanie Strohbuecker, Michela Roccuzzo, Irene Dalla Costa, Archana Iyer, Simone Bridi, Gabriela Santoz Rodriguez, Cei Abreu-Goodger, Marie-Laure Baudet

On the optimal design of metabolic RNA labeling experiments. Alexey Uvarovskii, Isabel Naarmann-de Vries, Christoph Dieterich

Genome-wide analyses supported by RNA-Seq reveal non-canonical splice sites in plant genomes. Boas Pucker, Samuel Fraser Brockington

Several phased siRNA annotation methods can frequently misidentify 24 nucleotide siRNA-dominated PHAS loci. Seth Polydore, Alice Lunardon, Michael J Axtell

Truncated, uncapped mRNA 5′ ends targeted by cytoplasmic recapping cluster at CAGE tags and some transcripts are alternatively spliced. Mikaela R Berger, Rolando Alvarado, Daniel L Kiss

Recruitment of human eIF4G1 or DAP5 to the 5′ untranslated regions of a subset of cellular mRNAs drives cap-independent translation. Solomon A Haizel, Usha Bhardwaj, Ruben L Gonzalez Jr., Somdeb Mitra, Dixie Gos

G-quadruplex formation on specific surface-exposed regions of the human ribosomal RNA. Santi Mestre-Fos, Petar I. Penev, Suttipong Suttapitugsakul, Chieri Ito, Anton S. Petrov, Roger M. Wartell, Ronghu Wu, Loren Dean Williams

Plant Extracellular Vesicles Contain Diverse Small RNA Species and Are Enriched in 10 to 17 Nucleotide “Tiny” RNAs. Patricia Baldrich, Brian D. Rutter, Hana Zandkarimi, Ram Podicheti, Blake Meyers, Roger Innes


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