RNA preprints: W2/2019

Splicing inhibition enhances the antitumor immune response through increased tumor antigen presentation and altered MHC-I immunopeptidome. Alison Pierson, Romain Darrigrand, Marine Rouillon, Mathilde Boulpicante, Zafiarisoa Dolor Renko, Camille Garcia, Michael Ghosh, Marie-Charlotte Laiguillon, Camille Lobry, Mouad Alami, Sebastien Apcher

Inhibition of miR-22-3p reduces kidney disease associated with systemic lupus erythematosus. Danielle L Michell, Ashley Faust, Jared L Moore, Brenna D Appleton, Michelle Ormseth, Marisol Ramirez-Solano, Quanhu Sheng, Joseph F Solus, C. Michael Stein, Kasey C Vickers, Amy S Major

LncRNA Dnmt3aos regulates Dnmt3a expression leading to aberrant DNA methylation in macrophage polarization. Xueqin Li, Yingying Zhang, Mengying Zhang, Xiang Kong, Hui Yang, Min Zhong, Weiya Pei, Yang Xu, Xiaolong Zhu, Tianbing Chen, Jingjing Ye, Kun Lv

Hundreds of yeast mRNAs form a separately addressable, translation elongation-controlled regulon. Eleanna Kazana, Tobias von der Haar

Compartmentalized nonsense-mediated mRNA decay regulates synaptic plasticity and cognitive function via GluR1 signaling. Michael Notaras, Megan Allen, Francesco Longo, Nicole Volk, Miklos Toth, Noo Li Jeon, Eric Klann, Dilek Colak

Purification of Cross-linked RNA-Protein Complexes by Phenol-Toluol Extraction. Erika C Urdaneta, Carlos H Vieira-Vieira, Timon Hick, Hans-Herrmann Wessels, Davide Figini, Rebecca Moschall, Jan Medenbach, Uwe Ohler, Sander Granneman, Matthias Selbach, Benedikt M Beckmann

Tristetraprolin/ZFP36 regulates the turnover of autoimmune-associated HLA-DQ mRNAs. Laura Pisapia, Russell Hamilton, Federica FARINA, Vito D’Agostino, Pasquale Barba, Maria Strazzullo, Alessandro Provenzani, Carmela Gianfrani, Giovanna Del Pozzo

Interaction of modified oligonucleotides with nuclear proteins, formation of novel nuclear structures and sequence-independent effects on RNA processing. Loren L Flynn, Ruohan Li, May T Aung-Htut, Ianthe L Pitout, Jack A L Cooper, Alysia Hubbard, Lisa Griffiths, Charles Bond, Steve D Wilton, Archa H Fox, Sue Fletcher

RNA polymerase clamp movement aids dissociation from DNA but is not required for RNA release at intrinsic terminators. Michael J Bellecourt, Ananya Ray-Soni, Alex Harwig, Rachel Anne Mooney, Robert Landick

A novel rationale for targeting FXI: Insights from the hemostastic miRNA targetome for emerging anticoagulant strategies. Jamie Nourse, Sven Danckwardt

Polymerase recycling contributes to transcriptional noise. Massimo Cavallaro, Mark D. Walsh, Matt Jones, James Teahan, Simone Tiberi, Barbel Finkenstadt, Daniel Hebenstreit

MIR2052HG regulates ERα levels and aromatase inhibitor resistance through LMTK3 by recruiting EGR1. Junmei Cairns, James Ingle, Krishna Kalari, Lois E Shepherd, Michiaki Kubo, Matthew P Goetz, Richard M. Weinshilboum, Liewei Wang

Tau-mediated Disruption of the Spliceosome Triggers Cryptic RNA-splicing and Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s Disease. Yi-Chen Hsieh, Caiwei Guo, Hari K. Yalamanchili, Measho Abreha, Rami Al-Ouran, Yarong Li, Eric B. Dammer, James J. Lah, Allan I. Levey, David A. Bennett, Philip L. De Jager, Nicholas T. Seyfried, Zhandong Liu, Joshua M. Shulman

Interactions between dosage compensation complex components Msl-1, Msl-2 and NURF component NURF301 with long non-coding RNA gene hsrω. Deo Prakash Chaturvedi

The mir-35 family links maternal germline sex to embryonic viability in C. elegans. Lars Kristian Benner, Katherine Perkins Prothro, Katherine McJunkin

RBM10 variants and RBM5 involve in alternative splicing of RBM10v1 pre-mRNA: RBM10v1 includes its own exon 4, but RBM10v2 and RBM5 skip it. Koji Nishio

Deep neural networks for interpreting RNA binding protein target preferences. Mahsa Ghanbari, Uwe Ohler

Guanine content of microRNAs is associated with their tumor suppressive and oncogenic roles in lung and breast cancers. Amit Cohen, Mario Alberto Burgos-Aceves, Yoav Smith

DOT1L suppresses nuclear RNAi originating from enhancer elements in Caenorhabditis elegans. Ruben Esse, Ekaterina Gushchanskaia, Avery Lord, Alla Grishok

Modeling the dynamics of Let-7-coupled gene regulatory networks linking cell proliferation to malignant transformation. Claude Gerard, Frederic Lemaigre, Didier Gonze


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