RNA preprints: W3/2019

A single microRNA-Hox gene module controls complex movement in morphologically-distinct developmental forms of Drosophila. Raouf Issa, Joao Picao-Osorio, Nuno Rito, Maria Eugenia Chiappe, Claudio R. Alonso

3′UTR cleavage of transcripts localized in axons of sympathetic neurons. Catia Andreassi, Raphaelle Luisier, Hamish Crerar, Sasja Franke, Nicholas M. Luscombe, Giovanni Cuda, Marco Gaspari, Antonella Riccio

Pat1 promotes processing body assembly by enhancing the phase separation of the DEAD-box ATPase Dhh1 and RNA. Ruchika Sachdev, Maria Hondele, Miriam Linsenmeier, Pascal Vallotton, Christopher F Mugler, Paolo Arosio, Karsten Weis

Mature sperm small RNA profile in the sparrow: implications for transgenerational effects of age on fitness. Wayo Matsushima, Kristiana Brink, Julia Schroeder, Eric Alexander Miska, Katharina Gapp

RNA Polymerase II is involved in 18S and 25S ribosomal RNA transcription, in Candida albicans. Jacob Fleischmann, Miguel Angel Rocha, Peter V Hauser

Targeting of RBM10 to S1-1 Nuclear Bodies: Targeting Sequences and its Biological Significance. Ling-Yu Wang, Sheng-Jun Xiao, Hiroyuki Kunimoto, Kazuaki Tokunaga, Hirotada Kojima, Masatsugu Kimura, Takahiro Yamamoto, Naoki Yamamoto, Zhao Hong, Koji Nishio, Hideo Yamane, Tokio Tani, Koichi Nakajima, Hiroyoshi Iguchi, Akira Inoue

Termination of non-coding transcription in yeast relies on both a CTD-interaction domain and a CTD-mimic in Sen1. Zhong Han, Olga Jasnovidova, Agnieszka Tudek, Karel Kubicek, Domenico Libri, Richard Stefl, Odil Porrua

Divergence of piRNA pathway proteins affects piRNA biogenesis but not TE transcript level. Luyang Wang, Daniel Barbash, Erin Kelleher

No evidence of functional co-adaptation between clustered microRNAs. Antonio Marco

Comprehensive assessment of multiple biases in small RNA sequencing reveals significant differences in the performance of widely used methods. Carrie Wright, Anandita Rajpurohit, Emily E. Burke, Courtney Williams, Leonardo Collado-Torres, Martha Kimos, Nicholas J. Brandon, Alan J. Cross, Andrew E. Jaffe, Daniel R. Weinberger, Joo Heon Shin

Targeted Long-Read RNA Sequencing Demonstrates Transcriptional Diversity Driven by Splice-Site Variation in MYBPC3. Alexandra Dainis, Elizabeth Tseng, Tyson A Clark, Ting Hon, Matthew Wheeler, Euan Ashley

Early genome activation in Drosophila is extensive with an initial tendency for aborted transcripts and retained introns. Jamie C Kwasnieski, Terry L Orr-Weaver, David P Bartel

MicroRNA-222 regulates fluid shear stress-induced human nucleus pulposus cells degeneration through affecting c-Fos expression. Gaixiong Miao, Yicun Yao, Baoqing Ye, Libing Dai, Guowei Liang, Haixiong Miao , Yicun Yao , Baoqing Ye

Protein features for assembly of the RNA editing helicase 2 subcomplex (REH2C) in Trypanosome holo-editosomes. Vikas Kumar, Pawan K. Doharey, Shelly Gulati, Joshua Meehan, Mary Grace Martinez, Karissa Hughes, Blaine H.M. Mooers, Jorge Cruz-Reyes

Measuring amber initiator tRNA orthogonality in a genomically recoded organism. Russel M. Vincent, Bradley W. Wright, Paul R. Jaschke

RAI1 Regulates Activity-Dependent Nascent Transcription and Synaptic Scaling. Patricia M. Garay, Alex Chen, Takao Tsukahara, Rafi Kohen, J. Christian Althaus, Margarete A. Wallner, Roman J. Giger, Michael A. Sutton, Shigeki Iwase

AGO1 in association with NEAT1 lncRNA contributes to nuclear and 3D chromatin architecture in human cells. Muhammad Shuaib, Krishna Mohan Parsi, Hideya Kawaji, Manjula Thimma, Sabir Abdu Adroub, Alexandre Fort, Yanal Ghosheh, Tomohiro Yamazaki, Taro Mannen, Loqmane Seridi, Bodor Fallatah, Waad Albawardi, Timothy Ravasi, Piero Carninci, Tetsuro Hirose, Valerio Orlando


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