RNA preprints: W4/2019

Extensive splicing across the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome. Stephen Douglass, Calvin S Leung, Tracy L Johnson

Accurate detection of m6A RNA modifications in native RNA sequences. Huanle Liu, Oguzhan Begik, Morghan C Lucas, Christopher E Mason, Schraga Schwartz, John S Mattick, Martin A Smith, Eva Maria Novoa

Elucidating small RNA pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana egg cells. Stefanie Sprunck, Marc Urban, Nicholas Strieder, Maria Lindemeier, Andrea Bleckmann, Maurits Evers, Thomas Hackenberg, Christoph Moehle, Thomas Dresselhaus, Julia C. Engelmann

Whole Aegilops tauschii transcriptome investigation revealed nine novel miRNAs involved in stress response. Behnam Bakhshi, Ehsan Mohseni Fard

Broad antifungal resistance mediated by RNAi-dependent epimutation in the basal human fungal pathogen Mucor circinelloides. Zanetta Chang, R. Blake Billmyre, Soo Chan Lee, Joseph Heitman

Widespread selection for high and low secondary structure in coding sequences across all domains of life. Daniel Gebert, Julia Jehn, David Rosenkranz

The biofilm matrix scaffold of Pseudomonas species consists of non-canonically base paired extracellular DNA and RNA. Thomas W Seviour, Fernaldo Richtia Winnerdy, Wong Lan Li, Shi Xiangyan, Sudarsan Mugunthan, Gurjeet Singh Kohli, Heather M Shewan, Jason Stokes, Scott A Rice, Anh-Tuan Phan, Staffan Kjelleberg

Paternally-acting canonical RNA-directed DNA methylation pathway genes sensitize Arabidopsis endosperm to paternal dosage. Rajavasireddy P Satyaki, Mary Gehring

Splicing buffers suboptimal codon usage in human cells. Christine Mordstein, Rosina Savisaar, Robert S Young, Jeanne Bazile, Lana Talmane, Juliet Luft, Michael Liss, Martin S Taylor, Laurence D Hurst, Grzegorz Kudla

N6-methyladenosine dynamics during early vertebrate embryogenesis. Havard Aanes, Dominique Engelsen, Adeel Manaf, Endalkachew Ashenafi Alemu, Cathrine Broberg Vagbo, Leonardo Martin, Mads Lerdrup, Klaus Hansen, Sinnakaruppan Mathavan, Cecilia Winata, Robert B. Darnell, Peter Alestrom, Arne Klungland

Relevance of the iron-responsive element (IRE) pseudotriloop structure for IRP1/2 binding and validation of IRE-like structures using the yeast three-hybrid system. Shih-Cheng Chen, René C.L. Olsthoorn

Dynamic control of pathway expression with riboregulated switchable feedback promoters. Cameron J Glasscock, John T Lazar, Bradley W Biggs, Jack H Arnold, Min-Kyoung Kang, Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Keith E J Tyo, Julius B Lucks

Selective enrichment of A-to-I edited transcripts from cellular RNA using Endonuclease V. Steve D Knutson, Jennifer M Heemstra

Comparative identification of microRNAs in Apis cerana cerana workers’midguts responding to Nosema ceranae invasion. Rui Guo, Dafu Chen, Yu Du, Huazhi Chen, Haipeng Wang, Cuiling Xiong, Yanzhen Zheng, Chunsheng Hou, Qingyun Diao

Expression kinetics and innate immune response after electroporation and lipid nanoparticle mediated delivery of a self-amplifying mRNA in the skin of mice. Hanne Huysmans, Zifu Zhong, Joyca De Temmerman, Barbara L Mui, Ying K Tam, Sean Mc Cafferty, Arlieke Gitsels, Daisy Vanrompay, Niek Sanders

Comparative analysis of sfRNA in the genome of pre-epidemic and epidemic Zika viruses for host interacting proteins potentially related to the recent epidemic. Perumal Arumugam Desingu

RNA interactions with CTCF are essential for its proper function. Ricardo Saldana-Meyer, Javier Rodriguez-Hernaez, Mayilaadumveettil Nishana, Karina Jacome-Lopez, Elphege P. Nora, Benoit G. Bruneau, Mayra Furlan-Magaril, Jane Skok, Danny Reinberg

RadiationGeneSigDB: A database of oxic and hypoxic radiation response gene signatures and their utility in identification of hypoxia-regulated MicroRNA. Venkata Manem, Andrew Dhawan

miRNA activity contributes to accurate RNA splicing in C. elegans intestine and body muscle tissues. Kasuen Kotagama, Anna L Schorr, Hannah S Steber, Marco Mangone

The RNA-binding ubiquitin ligase MKRN1 functions in ribosome-associated quality control of poly(A)-translation. Andrea Hildebrandt, Mirko Brüggemann, Susan Boerner, Cornelia Rücklé, Jan Bernhard Heidelberger, Annabelle Dold, Anke Busch, Heike Hänel, Andrea Voigt, Stefanie Ebersberger, Ingo Ebersberger, Jean-Yves Roignant, Kathi Zarnack, Julian König, Petra Beli

Tracing the evolution of the plastome and mitogenome in the Chloropicophyceae uncovered convergent tRNA gene losses and a variant plastid genetic code. Monique Turmel, Adriana Lopes dos Santos, Christian Otis, Roxanne Sergerie, Claude Lemieux

DPAC: a tool for Differential Poly(A) Site usage from poly(A) targeted RNAseq data. Andrew Laurence Routh

Targeted Cleavage and Polyadenylation of RNA by CRISPR-Cas13. Kelly M Anderson, Pornthida Poosala, Sean R Lindley, Douglas M Anderson


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