RNA preprints: W19/2018

A new full-length virus genome sequencing method reveals that antiviral RNAi changes geminivirus populations in field-grown cassava. Devang Mehta, Matthias Hirsch-Hoffmann, Mariam Were, Andrea Patrignani, Hassan Were, Wilhelm Gruissem, Hervé Vanderschuren

RsmV a small non-coding regulatory RNA in Pseudomonas aeruginosa that sequesters RsmA and RsmF from target mRNAs. Kayley H Janssen, Manisha Diaz, Cindy J Gode, Matthew C Wolfgang, Timothy L Yahr

Exponential fluorescent amplification of individual RNAs using clampFISH probes. Sara H Rouhanifard, Ian A Mellis, Margaret Dunagin, Sareh Bayatpour, Orsolya Symmons, Allison Cote, Arjun Raj

Decoupling the impact of microRNAs on translational repression versus RNA degradation in embryonic stem cells. Jacob Freimer, TJ Hu, Robert Blelloch

RNA polymerase II clustering through CTD phase separation. Marc Boehning, Claire Dugast-Darzacq, Marija Rankovic, Anders S Hansen, Tae-Kyung Yu, Herve Marie-Nelly, Goran Kokic, Gina M Dailey, Patrick Cramer, Xavier Darzacq, Markus Zweckstetter

CSB-dependent CDK9 degradation and RNA Polymerase II phosphorylation during Transcription Coupled Repair. Lise-Marie Donnio, Anna Lagarou, Gabrielle Sueur, Pierre-Olivier MARI, Giuseppina Giglia-Mari

MiRNA expression profiles of serum exosomes derived from individuals with latent and active tuberculosis. Lingna Lyu, Jinghui Wang, Hong-yan Jia, Liping Pan, Zi-hui Li, Feng-jiao Du, Bo-ping Du, Qi Sun, Zong-de Zhang

S phase R-loop formation is restricted by PrimPol-mediated repriming. Saša Šviković, Alastair Crisp, Sue Mei Tan-Wong, Thomas A. Guilliam, Aidan J. Doherty, Nick J Proudfoot, Guillaume Guilbaud, Julian E. Sale

Binding specificities of human RNA binding proteins towards structured and linear RNA sequences. Arttu Jolma, Jilin Zhang, Estefania Mondragón, Teemu Kivioja, Yimeng Yin, Fangjie Zhu, Quaid Morris, Timothy R. Hughes, L. James Maher III, Jussi Taipale

Co-transcriptional loading of RNA export factors shapes the human transcriptome. Nicolas Viphakone, Ian M Sudbery, Catherine Heath, David Sims, Stuart A Wilson

The variations of human miRNAs and Ising like base pairing models. Jyoti Prasad Banerjee, Jayanta Kumar Das, Pabitra Pal Choudhury, Sayak Mukherjee, Sk. Sarif Hassan, Pallab Basu

MiR-29b-1-5p is altered in BRCA1 mutant tumours and is a biomarker in basal- like breast cancer. Michael Milevskiy, Gurveen Sandhu, Anna Wronski, Darren Korbie, Brooke Brewster, Annette Shewan, Stacey Edwards, Juliet French, Melissa Brown

Production of spliced long noncoding RNAs specifies regions with increased enhancer activity. Noa Gil, Igor Ulitsky

Pathogenic DDX3X mutations impair RNA metabolism and neurogenesis during fetal cortical development. Ashley L. Lennox, Ruiji Jiang, Lindsey Suit, Brieana Fregeau, Charles J. Sheehan, Kimberly A. Aldinger, Ching Moey, Iryna Lobach, Ghayda Mirzaa, Alexandra Afenjar, Dusica Babovic-Vuksanovic, Stéphane Bézieau, Patrick R. Blackburn, Jens Bunt, Lydie Burglen, Perrine Charles, Brian H.Y. Chung, Benjamin Cogné, Suzanne DeBrosse, Nataliya Di Donato, Laurence Faivre, Delphine Héron, A. Micheil Innes, Bertrand Isidor, Bethany L. Johnson-Kerner, Boris Keren, Amy Kimball, Eric W. Klee, Paul Kuentz, Sébastien Küry, Dominique Martin-Coignard, Cyril Mignot, Noriko Miyake, Caroline Nava, Mathilde Nizon, Diana Rodriguez, Lot Snijders Blok, Christel Thauvin, Julien Thevenon, Marie Vincent, Alban Ziegler, William Dobyns, Linda J. Richards, A. James Barkovich, Stephen N. Floor, Debra L. Silver, Elliott H. Sherr

Neutrophil microvesicles drive atherosclerosis by delivering miR-155 to atheroprone endothelium. Ingrid Gomez, Ben Ward, Celine Souilhol, Chiara Recarti, Mark Ariaans, Jessica Johnston, Amanda Burnett, Marwa Mahmoud, Le Anh Luong, Laura West, Merete Long, Sion Parry, Rachel Woods, Carl Hulston, Birke Benedikter, Rohit Bazaz, Sheila Francis, Endre Kiss-Toth, Marc van Zandvoort, Andreas Schober, Paul Hellewell, Paul Evans, Victoria Ridger

Dlk1-Dio3 Locus-Derived LncRNAs Perpetuate Postmitotic Motor Neuron Cell Fate and Subtype Identity. Ya-Ping Yen, Wen-Fu Hsieh, Ya-Lin Lu, Ee Shan Liau, Ho-Chiang Hsu, Yen-Chung Chen, Ting-Chun Liu, Mien Chang, Joye Li, Shau-Ping Lin, Jui-Hung Hung, Jun-An Chen

DOT1L suppresses nuclear RNAi originating from enhancer elements in Caenorhabditis elegans. Ruben Esse, Ekaterina Gushchanskaia, Avery Lord, Alla Grishok

The interplay between small RNA pathways shapes chromatin landscape in C. elegans. Ekaterina Gushchanskaia, Ruben Esse, Qicheng Ma, Nelson Lau, Alla Grishok

RNA polymerase organizes into distinct spatial clusters independent of ribosomal RNA transcription in E. coli. Xiaoli Weng, Christopher Herrick Bohrer, Kelsey Bettridge, Arvin Cesar Lagda, Cedric Cagliero, Ding Jun Jin, Jie Xiao

Large-scale RNA editing profiling in different adult chicken tissues. Mohammad Reza Bakhtiarizadeh, Hamid Shafiei, Abdolreza Salehi



RNA preprints: W18/2018

Adaptive Partitioning of the tRNA Interaction Interface by Aminoacyl-tRNA-Synthetases. Andy Collins-Hed, David H Ardell

The suppressive cap-binding-complex factor 4EIP is required for normal differentiation. Christine Clayton, Monica Terrao, Kevin Kamanyi Marucha, Elisha Mugo, Dorothea Droll, Ihor Minia, Franziska Egler, Johanna Braun

Promoter activity buffering reduces the fitness cost of misregulation. Miquel Angel Schikora-Tamarit, Guillem Lopez-Grado i Salinas, Carolina Gonzalez Navasa, Irene Calderon, Xavi Marcos-Fa, Miquel Sas, Lucas Carey

Direct reprogramming of human epithelial cells into organoids by miR-106a-3p. Frederic Delom, Michel Puceat, Delphine Fessart

16S rRNA sequence embeddings: Meaningful numeric feature representations of nucleotide sequences that are convenient for downstream analyses. Stephen Woloszynek, Zhengqiao Zhao, Jian Chen, Gail L. Rosen

A single N1-methyladenosine on the large ribosomal subunit rRNA impacts locally its structure and the translation of key metabolic enzymes. Sunny Sharma, Johannes David Hartmann, Peter Watzinger, Arvid Klepper, Christian Peifer, Peter Koetter, Denis LJ Lafontaine, Karl-Dieter Entian

Structural basis for the RNA-guided ribonuclease activity of CRISPR-Cas13d. Cheng Zhang, Silvana Konermann, Nicholas J Brideau, Peter Lotfy, Scott J Novick, Timothy Strutzenberg, Patrick R Griffin, Patrick D Hsu, Dmitry Lyumkis

Response to “No evidence of functional co-adaptation between clustered microRNAs”. Yirong Wang, Hong Zhang, Jian Lu

A Rev-CBP80-eIF4AI complex drives Gag synthesis from the HIV-1 unspliced mRNA. Daniela Toro-Ascuy, Bárbara Rojas-Araya, Francisco García-de-Gracia, Cecilia Rojas-Fuentes, Camila Pereira-Montecinos, Aracelly Gaete-Argel, Fernando Valiente-Echeverría, Théophile Ohlmann, Ricardo Soto-Rifo

Misoprostol regulates Bnip3 repression and alternative splicing to control cellular calcium homeostasis during hypoxic stress. Jared T. Field, Matthew D. Martens, Wajihah Mughal, Yan Hai, Donald Chapman, Grant M. Hatch, Tammy L. Ivanco, William Diehl-Jones, Joseph W. Gordon

CRISPR-Cas blocks antibiotic resistance plasmid transfer between Enterococcus faecalis strains in the gastrointestinal tract. Valerie J Price, Sara W McBride, Breck Duerkop, Kelli L Palmer

DDX41 recognizes RNA/DNA retroviral reverse transcripts and is critical for in vivo control of MLV infection. Spyridon Stavrou, Alexya Aguilera, Kristin Blouch, Susan R Ross

Structural basis for transfer RNA mimicry by a bacterial Y RNA. Wei Wang, Xinguo Chen, Sandra L Wolin, Yong Xiong

The spatial and temporal dynamics of the nuclear RNAi-targeted RNA transcripts in Caenorhabditis elegans. Julie Zhouli Ni, Natallia Kalinava, Sofia Galindo Mendoza, Sam Guoping Gu

Negative Cooperativity between Gemin2 and RNA Determines RNA Selection and Release of the SMN Complex in snRNP Assembly. Hongfei Yi, Li Mu, Congcong Shen, Xi Kong, Yingzhi Wang, Yan Hou, Rundong Zhang

MECP2 duplication and mutations impair NSCs differentiation via miR-197 regulated ADAM10. Yumeng Wang, Yufang Zheng, Siyu Yang, Zhangmin Yang, Lin-na Zhang, Yan-qin He, Xiaohong Gong, Dong Liu, Richard H Finnell, Zilong Qiu, Yasong Du, Hongyan Wang

Enhancer control of miR-155 expression in Epstein-Barr virus infected B cells. C David Wood, Thomas Carvell, Andrea Gunnell, Opeoluwa O Ojeniyi, Cameron S Osborne, Michelle J West

M1A within cytoplasmic mRNAs at single nucleotide resolution: A reconciled transcriptome-wide map. Schraga Schwartz

A systematic survey of human tissue-specific gene expression and splicing reveals new opportunities for therapeutic target identification and evaluation. Robert Y Yang, Jie Quan, Reza Sodaie, Francois Aguet, Ayellet V Segre, John A Allen, Thomas A Lanz, Veronica Reinhart, Matthew Crawford, Samuel Hasson, GTEx Consortium, Kristin G Ardlie, Roderic Guigo, Hualin S Xi

Small RNAs gained during epididymal transit of sperm are essential for embryonic development in mice. Colin Conine, Fengyun Sun, Lina Song, Jaime Rivera-Perez, Oliver Rando

Efficient computation of co-transcriptional RNA-ligand interaction dynamics. Michael T Wolfinger, Christoph Flamm, Ivo L Hofacker

Evidence of an Unusual Poly(A) RNA Signature Detected by High-throughput Chemical Mapping. Roger Wellington-Oguri, Eli Fisker, Michelle Wiley, Mat Zada, Eterna Players

Identification of small regulatory RNAs involved in persister formation. Shanshan Zhang, Shuang Liu, Nan Wu, Wenhong Zhang, Ying Zhang

Biogenesis of a young, 22-nt microRNA in Phaseoleae species by precursor-programmed uridylation. Qili Fei, Yu Yu, Li Liu, Yu Zhang, Patricia Baldrich, Qing Dai, Xuemei Chen, Blake Meyers

RNA preprints: W17/2018

U1 snRNP regulates chromatin retention of noncoding RNAs. Yafei Yin, Jinlong Yuyang Lu, Xuechun Zhang, Wen Shao, Yanhui Xu, Pan Li, Yantao Hong, Qiangfeng Cliff Zhang, Xiaohua Shen

Human 5′ UTR design and variant effect prediction from a massively parallel translation assay. Paul J Sample, Ban Wang, David W Reid, Vladimir Presnyak, Iain McFadyen, David R Morris, Georg Seelig

Helicase Promotes Replication Re-initiation from an RNA Transcript. Bo Sun, Anupam Singh, Shemaila Sultana, James Inman, Smita Patel, Michelle Wang

The conservation landscape of the human ribosomal RNA gene repeats. Saumya Agrawal, Austen R.D. Ganley

Buffering gene expression noise by microRNA based feedforward regulation. Pavol Bokes, Michal Hojcka, Abhyudai Singh

Circulating microRNA biomarkers for metastatic disease in neuroblastoma patients. Fjoralba Zeka, Alan Van Goethem, Katrien Vanderheyden, Fleur Demuynck, Tim Lammens, Anneleen Decock, Hetty H Helsmoortel, Joelle Vermeulen, Rosa Noguera, Ana P Berbegall, Valerie Combaret, Gudrun Schleiermacher, Genevieve Laureys, Alexander Schramm, Johannes H Schulte, Sven Rahmann, Julie Bienertova Vasku, Pavel Mazanek, Marta Jeison, Shifra Ash, Michael D Hogarty, Mirthala Moreno-Smith, Eveline Barbieri, Jason Shohet, Frank Berthold, Frank Speleman, Matthias Fischer, Katleen De Preter, Pieter Mestdagh, Jo Vandesompele

A speed-fidelity trade-off determines the mutation rate and virulence of an RNA virus. William Fitzsimmons, Robert J. Woods, John T. McCrone, Andrew Woodman, Jamie J. Arnold, Madhumita Yennawar, Richard Evans, Craig E. Cameron, Adam S. Lauring

Intron retention as a novel source of cancer neoantigens. Alicia C Smart, Claire A Margolis, Harold Pimentel, Meng Xiao He, Diana Miao, Dennis Adeegbe, Tim Fugmann, Kwok Kin Wong, Eliezer M Van Allen

The miR-96 and RAR&gamma signaling axis governs androgen signaling and prostate cancer progression. Mark D. Long, Prashant K. Singh, James R. Russell, Gerard Llimos, Spencer Rosario, Abbas Rizvi, Henry Withers, Patrick R. van den Berg, Jason Kirk, Lara E. Sucheston-Campbell, Dominic J. Smiraglia, Moray J. Campbell

TP53 Intron Derived Concentrations Implicate p53. Kevin G Bermeister, Jonathan Dyne, Xinghao Yu

ADAR2 mediated Q/R editing of GluK2 regulates homeostatic plasticity of kainate receptors. Sonam Gurung, Ashley J Evans, Kevin A Wilkinson, Jeremy Henley

Association Between Colonic Level of microRNA 31 and Subtypes of Adult and Pediatric Crohn’s Disease. Benjamin P Keith, Jasmine B Barrow, Nevzat Kazgan, Neil D Shah, Greg R Gipson, Wendy A Pitman, Shruti J Saxena, Elisabeth A Wolber, Matthew S Schaner, Michelle Hoffner O’Connor, Omar K Tradd, Matthew Kanke, Takahiko Toyonaga, Nicole Chaumont, Timothy S Sadiq, Mark J Koruda, Paul A Cotney, Nancy Allbritton, Dimitri G Trembath, Francisco Sylvester, Terrence S Furey, Praveen Sethupathy, Shehzad Z Sheikh

Transgenerational sterility of Piwi pathway mutants in response to germ granule dysfunction. Katherine Kretovich Billmyre, Bree Heestand, Maya Spichal, Stephen Frenk, Shawn Ahmed

Expanding the size limit of RNA viruses: Evidence of a novel divergent nidovirus in California sea hare, with a ~35.9 kb virus genome. Humberto J Debat

Genetic analysis of RNA polymerase I unveils new role of the Rpa12 subunit during transcription. Tommy Darrière, Michael Pilsl, Adrien Chauvier, Titouan Genty, Sylvain Audibert, Christophe Dez, Isabelle Leger-Silvestre, Christophe Normand, Olga Calvo, Carlos Fernández-Tornero, Herbert Tschochner, Olivier Gadal

Transcription Factor Regulation of RNA polymerase’s Torsional Capacity. Jie Ma, Chuang Tan, Xiang Gao, Robert Fulbright, Jeffery Roberts, Michelle D. Wang

A Single Mechanism of Biogenesis, Initiated and Directed by PIWI Proteins, Explains piRNA Production in Most Animals. Phillip Zamore, Ildar Gainetdinov, Cansu Colpan, Katharine Cecchini

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) of Upregulated Genes in Cocaine Addiction Reveals miRNAs as Potential Therapeutic Agents. Ishtiaque Ahammad

RNA preprints: W16/2018

An important class of intron retention events in human erythroblasts is regulated by cryptic exons proposed to function as splicing decoys. Marilyn Parra, Ben W. Booth, Richard Weiszmann, Brian A. Yee, Gene W. Yeo, James B. Brown, Susan E. Celniker, John G. Conboy

Prader-Willi locus Snord116 RNA processing requires an active endogenous allele and neuron-specific splicing by Rbfox3/NeuN. Rochelle L Coulson, Weston T Powell, Dag H Yasui, Gayathri Dileep, James Resnick, Janine M LaSalle

Changes in neuronal immunofluorescence in the C- versus N-terminal domains of hnRNP H following D1 dopamine receptor activation. Qiu T Ruan, Neema Yazdani, Jacob A Beierle, Kathryn M Hixson, Kristen E Hokenson, Daniel J Apicco, Kimberly Luttik, Karen Zheng, Peter EA Ash, Karen Szumlinski, Shelley Russek, Benjamin Wolozin, Camron D Bryant

Impact of DNA sequencing and analysis methods on 16S rRNA gene bacterial community analysis in dairy products. Zhengyao Xue, Mary E Kable, Maria L Marco

Characterisation and functional predictions of canine long non-coding RNAs. Céline Le Béguec, Valentin Wucher, Laetitia Lagoutte, Edouard Cadieu, Nadine Botherel, Benoit Hédan, Clotilde De Brito, Anne-Sophie Guillory, Catherine André, Thomas Derrien, Christophe Hitte

In silico analysis of piRNAs in retina reveals potential targets in intracellular transport and retinal degeneration. Suganya Sivagurunathan, Nagesh Srikakulam, Jayamuruga Pandian Arunachalam, Gopal Pandi, Subbulakshmi Chidambaram

No evidence of functional co-adaptation between clustered microRNAs. Antonio Marco

Widespread cis-regulation of RNA-editing in a large mammal. Thomas J Lopdell, Christine Couldrey, Kathryn Tiplady, Stephan R Davis, Russell G Snell, Bevin L Harris, Mathew D Littlejohn

Automated analysis of small RNA datasets with RAPID. Sivarajan Karunanithi, Martin Simon, Marcel H Schulz

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) of Upregulated Genes in Cocaine Addiction Reveals miRNAs as Potential Therapeutic Agents. Ishtiaque Ahammad, Sarbojoy Saha

Systematic evaluation of isoform function in literature reports of alternative splicing. Shamsuddin Bhuiyan, Sophia Ly, Minh Phan, Brandon Huntington, Ellie Hogan, Chao Chun Liu, James Liu, Paul Pavlidis

Direct inference of base-pairing probabilities with neural networks improves RNA secondary structure prediction with pseudoknots. Manato Akiyama, Yasubumi Sakakibara, Kengo Sato

Identification of a secretion-enhancing cis regulatory targeting element (SECReTE) involved in mRNA localization and protein synthesis. Osnat Cohen-Zontag, Lisha Qiu Jin Lim, Dvir Dahary, Tsviya Olender, Yitzhak Pilpel, Jeffrey Gerst

A cytoplasmic Argonaute protein promotes the inheritance of RNAi. Fei Xu, Xuezhu Feng, Xiangyang Chen, Chenchun Weng, Qi Yan, Ting Xu, Minjie Hong, Shouhong Guang

Six species of non-tuberculosis mycobacteria carry non-identical 16S rRNA gene copies. Keita Takeda, Kinuyo Chikamatsu, Yuriko Igarashi, Yuta Morishige, Yoshiro Murase, Akio Aono, Hiroyuki Yamada, Akiko Takaki, Satoshi Mitarai

Poly-Target Selection Identifies RNA Broad-Spectrum Inhibitors of HIV Reverse Transcriptases. Khalid K. Alam, Jonathan L. Chang, Margaret J. Lange, Phuong D.M. Nguyen, Andrew W. Sawyer, Donald H. Burke

RNA binding and HEPN nuclease activation are decoupled in CRISPR-Cas13a. Akshay Tambe, Alexandra East-Seletsky, Gavin J Knott, Jennifer A Doudna, Mitchell R O’Connell

A method for RNA structure prediction shows evidence for structure in lncRNAs. Riccardo Delli Ponti, Alexandros Armaos, Stefanie Marti, Gian Gaetano Tartaglia


RNA preprints: W15/2018

Long non-coding RNAs in wild wheat progenitors. Alice Pieri, Mario Enrico Pè, Edoardo Bertolini

MicroRNA-205 affects mouse granulosa cell apoptosis and estradiol synthesis by targeting CREB1. Zhang Pengju, Wang Jun, Lang Hongyan, Wang Weixia, Liu Xiaohui, Liu Haiyan, Tan Chengcheng, Li Xintao, Zhao Yumin, Wu Xinghong

Co-regulation of alternative splicing by hnRNPM and ESRP1 during EMT. Samuel Harvey, Yilin Xu, Xiaodan Lin, Xin D Gao, Yushan Qiu, Jaegyoon Ahn, Xinshu Xiao, Chonghui Cheng

Phase Separations Driven by RNA Scaffolds and Protein Sequestration in FXTAS. Teresa Botta-Orfila, Fernando Cid-Samper, Iona Gelabert-Baldrich, Benjamin Lang, Nieves Lorenzo-Gotor, Riccardo Delli Ponti, Lies-Anne WFM Severijnen, Benedetta Bolognesi, Ellen Gelpi, Renate K. Hukema-Felten, Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

Circular RNA expression in human hematopoietic cells is widespread and cell-type specific. Benoit P Nicolet, Sander Engels, Francesca Aglialoro, Emile van den Akker, Marieke M von Lindern, Monika C Wolkers

Translation elongation and mRNA stability are coupled through the ribosomal A-site. Gavin Hanson, Najwa Alhusaini, Nathan Morris, Thomas Sweet, Jeff Coller

RNAs as proximity labeling media for identifying nuclear speckle positions relative to the genome. Weizhong Chen, Zhangming Yan, Simin Li, Norman Huang, Xuerui Huang, Jin Zhang, Sheng Zhong

Predicting the Impact of cis-Regulatory Variation on Alternative Polyadenylation. Nicholas Bogard, Johannes Linder, Alexander B Rosenberg, Georg Seelig

A transmissible RNA pathway in honey bees. Eyal Maori, Yael Garbian, Vered Kunik, Rita Mozes-Koch, Osnat Malka, Haim Kalev, Niv Sabath, Ilan Sela, Sharoni Shafir

A planarian nidovirus expands the limits of RNA genome size. Amir Saberi, Anastasia A. Gulyaeva, John Brubacher, Phillip A. Newmark, Alexander Gorbalenya

ampvis2: an R package to analyse and visualise 16S rRNA amplicon data. Kasper S. Skytte Andersen, Rasmus H. Kirkegaard, Soeren M. Karst, Mads Albertsen

CUDA RNAfold. W B Langdon, Ronny Lorenz

Hippocampal knockdown of Piwil1 and Piwil2 enhances contextual fear memory in mice. Laura Jane Leighton, Wei Wei, Vikram S Ratnu, Xiang Li, Esmi L Zajaczkowski, Paola A Spadaro, Nitin Khandelwal, Arvind Kumar, Timothy W Bredy

MicroRNAs reinforce repression of PRC2 transcriptional targets independently and through a feed-forward regulatory network with PRC2. Haridha Shivram, Steven V Le, Vishwanath R Iyer

Identification of PTBP1 responsible for caspase dependent YRNA cleavage. Jun Ogata, Yuki Sugiura, Akinori Kanai, Masafumi Tanaka, Hirotaka Matsui, Masato Ohtsuka, Toshiya Inaba, Motoyuki Otsuka, Ai Kotani

The Translation Machinery Is Immune from miRNA Perturbations: A Cell-Based Probabilistic Approach. Shelly Mahlab-Aviv, Nathan Linial, Michal Linial

Heteromeric RNP assembly at LINEs controls lineage-specific RNA processing. Jan Attig, Federico Agostini, Clare Gooding, Aarti Singh, Anob M Chakrabarti, Nejc Haberman, Warren Emmett, Christopher WJ Smith, Nicholas M Luscombe, Jernej Ule

Key role of piRNAs in telomeric chromatin maintenance and telomere nuclear positioning in Drosophila germline. Elizaveta Radion, Valeriya Morgunova, Sergei Ryazansky, Natalia Akulenko, Sergey Lavrov, Yuri Abramov, Pavel Komarov, Sergey Glukhov, Ivan Olovnikov, Alla Kalmykova

Riboglow: a multicolor riboswitch-based platform for live cell imaging of mRNA and small non-coding RNA in mammalian cells. Esther Braselmann, Aleksandra J Wierzba, Jacob T Polaski, Mikolaj Chrominski, Zachariah Holmes, Sheng-Ting Hung, Dilara Batan, Joshua Wheeler, Roy Parker, Ralph Jimenez, Dorota Gryko, Robert T. T Batey, Amy E Palmer

Taxonomy annotation and guide tree errors in 16S rRNA databases. Robert C Edgar

Specific miRNA-GPCR networks regulate Sox9a/Sox9b activities to promote gonadal renewal in zebrafish. Jizhou Yan, Xinlu Du, Huiping Guo, Ying Zhang, Jiacheng Wu, Mingyou Li, Xianxin Hua

Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein blocks microRNA-124 biogenesis to enforce its neuronal specific expression. Kyu-Hyeon Yeom, Simon Mitchell, Anthony J Linares, Sika Zheng, Chia-Ho Lin, Xiao-Jun Wang, Alexander Hoffmann, Douglas L Black

Uncoupling DNA- and RNA-directed DNA methylation at Rasgrf1. Erin T. Chu, David H. Taylor, Margaret Hofstedt, Paul D. Soloway

RNA preprints: W14/2018

Detecting Differential Variable microRNAs via Model-Based Clustering. Xuan Li, Yuejiao Fu, Xiaogang Wang, Dawn L DeMeo, Kelan Tantisira, Scott T. Weiss, Weiliang Qiu

SPORTS1.0: a tool for annotating and profiling non-coding RNAs optimized for rRNA- and tRNA- derived small RNAs. Junchao Shi, Euna Ko, Kenton M Sanders, Qi Chen, Tong Zhou

Muscleblind regulates Drosophila Dscam2 cell-type-specific alternative splicing. Joshua Shing Shun Li, Kevin Nzumbi Mutemi, S Sean Millard

The Evolution of Small-RNA-Mediated Silencing of an Invading Transposable Element. Erin S. Kelleher, Ricardo B. R. Azevedo, Yichen Zheng

Isolation and sequencing of AGO-bound RNAs reveals characteristics of mammalian stem-loop processing in vivo. Ian M Silverman, Sager J Gosai, Nicholas Vrettos, Shawn W Foley, Nathan D Berkowitz, Zissimos Mourelatos, Brian D Gregory

The trypanocidal benzoxaborole AN7973 inhibits trypanosome mRNA processing. Daniela Begolo, Isabel M Vincent, Federica Giordani, Michael J Witty, Timothy G Rowan, Zakaria Bengaly, Kirsten Gillingwater, Yvonne Freund, Michael P Barrett, Christine E Clayton

Small RNA-mediated genomic silencing promotes telomere stability in the absence of telomerase. Charles Longtine, Stephen Frenk, Shawn Ahmed

Global changes in mRNA abundance drive differential shuttling of RNA binding proteins, linking cytoplasmic RNA degradation to transcription. Sarah Gilbertson, Joel D Federspiel, Ella Hartenian, Ileana M Cristea, Britt Glaunsinger

Intron-containing RNA from the HIV-1 provirus activates type I interferon and inflammatory cytokines. Sean Matthew McCauley, Kyusik Kim, Anetta Nowosielska, Ann Dauphin, William Edward Diehl, Jeremy Luban

Genome variants associated with RNA splicing variation in bovine are extensively shared between tissues. Ruidong Xiang, Ben J. Hayes, Christy J. Vander Jagt, Iona M. MacLeod, Majid Khansefid, Phil J. Bowman, Zehu Yuan, Claire P. Prowse-Wilkins, Coralie M. Reich, Brett A. Mason, Josie B. Garner, Leah C. Marett, Yizhou Chen, Sunduimijid Bolormaa, Hans D. Daetwyler, Amanda J. Chamberlain, Michael E. Goddard

Robustness of bristle number to temperature and genetic background varies with bristle type and is regulated by miR-9a. Alexis Matamoro-Vidal, Thomas Tully, Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo

Deciphering human ribonucleoprotein regulatory networks. Neelanjan Mukherjee, Hans-Hermann Wessels, Svetlana Lebedeva, Marcin Sajek, Thalia Farazi, Mahsa Ghanbari, Aitor Garzia, Alina Munteanu, Aleksandra Mihailovic, Jessica Spitzer, Kemal Akat, Thomas Tuschl, Uwe Ohler

Evidence for a potential role of miR-1908-5p and miR-3614-5p in autoimmune disease risk using genome-wide analyses. Inken Wohlers, Lars Bertram, Christina Lill

Mettl14 is required for mouse post-implantation development by facilitating epiblast maturation. Qing-Yuan Sun, Tie Gang Meng, Xukun Lu, Lei Guo, Guan Mei Hou, Qian Nan Li, Xue Shan Ma, Lin Huang, Li Hua Fan, Zheng Hui Zhao, Xiang Hong Ou, Ying Chun Ouyang, Heide Schatten, Lei Li, Zhen Bo Wang

PinMol: Python application for designing molecular beacons for live cell imaging of endogenous mRNAs. Livia V. Bayer, Omar S. Omar, Diana P. Bratu, Irina E. Catrina

Stability of local secondary structure determines selectivity of viral RNA chaperones. Jack P.K. Bravo, Alexander Borodavka, Anders Barth, Antonio N Calabrese, Peter Mojzes, Joseph J.B. Cockburn, Don C Lamb, Roman Tuma

A Nested 2-Level Cross-validation Ensemble Learning Pipeline Suggests a Negative Pressure Against Crosstalk snoRNA-mRNA Interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisae. Antoine Soule, Jean-Marc Steyaert, Jerome Waldispuhl

Sequential regulation of maternal mRNAs through a conserved cis-acting element in their 3’ UTRs. Pooja Flora, Siu Wah Wong-Deyrup, Elliot Martin, Ryan Palumbo, Mohamad Nasrallah, Andrew Oligney, Patrick Blatt, Dhruv Patel, Gabriele Fuchs, Prashanth Rangan

Knockdown of GAS5 restores ox-LDL-induced impaired autophagy flux via upregulating miR-26a in human endothelial cells. Weijie Liang, Taibing Fan, Lin Liu, Lianzhong Zhang

The cellular NMD pathway restricts Zika virus infection and is targeted by the viral capsid protein. Krystal A Fontaine, Kristoffer E Leon, Mir Mubashir Khalid, David Jimenez-Morales, Mariah Dunlap, Julia A Kaye, Priya S Shah, Steven Finkbeiner, Nevan J Krogan, Melanie Ott

Identification of microRNA clusters cooperatively acting on Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Laura Cantini, Gloria Bertoli, Claudia Cava, Thierry Dubois, Andrei Zinovyev, Michele Caselle, Isabella Castiglioni, Emmanuel Barillot, Loredana Martignetti

RNA preprints: W13/2018

Protein structure and function analyses to understand the implication of mutually exclusive splicing. Su Datt Lam, Christine Orengo, Jonathan Lees

Small RNA-mediated genomic silencing promotes telomere stability in the absence of telomerase. Charlie Longtine, Stephen Frenk, shawn ahmed

Endogenous miRNA sponges mediate the generation of oscillatory dynamics for a non-coding RNA network. Andrew Dhawan, Adrian L. Harris, Francesca M Buffa, Jacob G Scott

Estimating RNA structure chemical probing reactivities from reverse transcriptase stops and mutations. Angela M Yu, Molly E. Evans, Julius B. Lucks

In vitro assembly of an early spliceosome defining both splice sites. Kaushik Saha, Mike Minh Fernandez, Tapan Biswas, Charles Leonard Lumba, Gourisankar Ghosh

A post-transcriptional regulatory code for mRNA stability during the zebrafish maternal-to-zygotic transition. Charles E Vejnar, Mario Abdel Messih, Carter M Takacs, Valeria Yartseva, Panos Oikonomou, Romain Christiano, Marlon Stoeckius, Stephanie Lau, Miler T Lee, Jean-Denis Beaudoin, Hiba Darwich-Codore, Tobias C Walther, Saeed Tavazoie, Daniel Cifuentes, Antonio J Giraldez

Exonic unpaired elements modulate pre-mRNA structure for splice site recognition. Kaushik Saha, Tapan Biswas, Mike Minh Fernandez, Whitney England, Robert Spitale, Gourisankar Ghosh

Coding and non-coding RNA dysregulation in bipolar disorder. Jurjen Luykx, Fabrizio Giuliani, Giuliano Giuliani, Jan Veldink

A fungal ribonuclease-like effector protein inhibits plant host ribosomal RNA degradation. Pietro D Spanu, Helen G Pennington, Rhian Jones, Seomun Kwon, Giulia Bonciani, Hannah Thieron, Thomas Chandler, Peggy Luong, Sian Morgan, Michal Przydacz, Tolga O. Bozkurt, Sarah Bowden, Melanie Craze, Emma Wallington, James Garnett, Mark Kwaitaal, Ralph Panstruga, Ernesto Cota

Germline silencing of UASt depends on the piRNA pathway. Yi-Chun Huang, Henry Moreno, Sarayu Row, Dongyu Jia, Wu-Min Deng

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